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Not 'evermean' Song

to the tune of 'evergreen' sung by Will Young in a Robbie Williams voice
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Words, sent at sunrise

Like a snowball

Down my back

And I wonder,

I wonder what you think of my new line,

What you're thinking

I'm hoping

Please tell me - does it all sound fine?


I'm gonna keep half baking

I'll make it last forever

I'm gonna give my thoughts away,

We'll read them here together,

Cause I love half - bakin'

You're the only site that I need

With folks more crazy here than I have ever seen,

I really love this site

Cos you're not ever mean

2nd verse

Thoughts, strike like lightning

Feels like fire in my brain

And I wonder

Wonder why you wanna read all my lines

What you're thinking

I'm hoping

Please tell me - does it all sound fine


gizmo, Apr 11 2002

Will Young and Gareth http://www.dotmusic...y2002/news23851.asp
Pop idol winner [gizmo, Apr 12 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       can we have "unmaimed melody" as an encore (by Gareth Gates and / or Will Young) caps. please for these two, gizmo. croissant for you.
po, Apr 11 2002

       All done, thanks po.
gizmo, Apr 11 2002

       Fingers crossed . Well done giz, nice one.
arora, Apr 11 2002

       Without trying to sound ignorant: who're Will Young and Robbie Williams?   

       [This is a formerly subtle allusion to another annotation. I *do* know how to use Google.]
bookworm, Apr 12 2002

       some one has just paid £6,000 for a pair of Simon Cowells trousers (for an aids )charity. Simon was one of the judges of the competition and his trousers were said to be belted just slightly below the neck region!
po, Apr 12 2002

       Simon Cowell? BOO! Gareth Gates? BOO! Will Young? YAY!
salachair, Apr 12 2002


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