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24 fps Eyeglasses

For when reality is too real
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Pundits are drubbing the new 48 fps video format used for the Hobbit movie after seeing a 10 minute preview. <link> Too harsh, realistic, "soap opera look you get from badly calibrated TVs," etc. "Looked much more like visiting the set of a film than seeing the textured cinematography of a finished movie. While most films aim for a soft, natural glow, this had a more stark and fluorescent lighting style."

If critics are in agreement that movies looks better at 24 fps than at 48 fps, then probably the real world would as well. Therefore - eyeglasses that slow the visual sampling rate from infinity (obviously too high) down to 24 fps. An "image retention" material would be embedded in the glass and erased once every 1/24 second.

Reality never looked so good.

sqeaketh the wheel, Apr 25 2012

Hobbit movie in 48 fps http://insidemovies..._editors_picks=true
[sqeaketh the wheel, Apr 25 2012]

Just like 23.976 fps Glasses, 23_2e976_20fps_20Glasses
except there's twenty-four of them in this instance. A huge improvement. [spidermother, Apr 25 2012]


       Bun. Maybe if you added a pulse-based mood sensor, you could generate appropriate backing music as well.
erenjay, Apr 25 2012

       One could always blink really fast.
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2012

       Sounds good to me [+]. Wouldn't 12 fps be twice as good? Just don't fall into the Uncanny Valley.
AusCan531, Apr 25 2012

       Should be in black and white.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 25 2012

       I like the idea of watching a horse-drawn wagon passing, and seeing the wheels going 'backward'.
UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012

       Yeah, and the one that could count turned out to be a fraud.
UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012

       //horses are not known for their cartoon drawing skills//   

       Indeed so. The best they can do is to hold a stout brush in their teeth and then nod their head, whence the expression "Up and down like a horse draws."
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 25 2012

       Bun for the concept.   

       In order to accurately recreate the temporal resolution of 24fps film, the glasses would need to sample a time period spanning 1/48th of a second, then display that image for 1/24th of a second while concurrently sampling the next image. It's actually pretty easy to see what this would look like—simply hook a 24fps video camera up to a TV.   

       The effect is likely to be less than entirely satisfactory, however, because in order to actually get the /look/ of film, you'd need to hire a cinematographer and accompanying crew to follow you everywhere and light the world around you to look like film. This would prove, if not completely impractical, at least rather uncomfortable; you can be certain that few things make intimacy quite as awkward as half a dozen grips standing around munching on snacks from the craft service table.
ytk, Apr 25 2012

       // you can be certain that few things make intimacy quite as awkward as half a dozen grips standing around munching on snacks//   

       Do tell, [ytk].
UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012

       Why is it that most of my most highly rated ideas turn out to be rediscoveries of former posts? <link = Just like 23.976 fps Glasses> All credit in this case to [xenzag]
sqeaketh the wheel, Apr 26 2012


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