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filter shades

shades (plus additional software) with which you can filter your surroundings
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connect the shades to your computer with the enclosed twisted pair cable and upload all desired profiles to the shades. all profiles uploaded will be filtered out of view. profiles can be created, edited, saved and deleted using the new and improved filtering software. examples of profiles: fat ladies, burning poodles, neighbors, bush, et cetera.

try now and receive the Britney S-filter and the Generic BoyBand-filter for free!

dinkee_toy, Aug 07 2002


       If I may politely ask; What the hell are you talking about?
thumbwax, Aug 07 2002

       We done this one a bunch of times. [Also, I believe it should be under product: filter or sunglasses.]
DrCurry, Aug 07 2002


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