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2D barcode && ( Optical mark recognition || OCR )

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This is an extension of QR or Data matrix, to also include human editable boxes.

Next to the barcode is extra marks for "Optical mark recognition(OMR)" or "Optical Character Recognition (OCR)".


So if you have a url like "http://example.com", you can print out standardized stickers with extra OMR or OCR markings.

To program the sticker, you just fill in the markings.

E.g. next to the search box, you write "The Man"


So what's the purpose of this? Good point...


For simple "psudo OCR", perhaps OMR arranged as 7 segment ( Or 16 segments for alpha numeric marking).

mofosyne, Apr 17 2015

14 seg LCD characters https://en.wikipedi..._LCD_characters.jpg
Perhaps for easier reading of human readable characters, have OCR marking for alpanumeric markings [mofosyne, Apr 17 2015]

16 segmented character recognition for URLs 16_20segmented_20ch...nition_20for_20URLs
Not a 2d barcode code anymore here! [mofosyne, Apr 17 2015]

Visual Recognition of Sketched Symbols (Tom Y. Ouyang) (Randall Davis) (2009) http://rationale.cs...uyang2009Symbol.pdf
This paper presents a new approach to sketched symbol recognition that preserves as much of the visual nature of the symbol as possible. Our method is robust to differences in drawing style, computationally efficient, and achieves excellent performance for several different domains. [mofosyne, Jul 17 2016]

Japan lass hand-crafting QR codes http://en.rocketnew...ess-where-it-leads/
[not_morrison_rm, Jul 17 2016]

Russia does this sort of thing for postal codes https://en.wikipedi...tal_codes_in_Russia
[notexactly, Jul 20 2016]

Another mention of Russian postal codes https://en.wikipedi...ine-segment_display
[notexactly, Jul 20 2016]



       QR codes have error checking, but I suppose it may just be possible to arrange it so that changing a single boxes colour would tip the url from one url under your control to another. Then you could put a note next to it on a leaflet saying which one to fill in to get to the new place. Easiest if the target (light) box was surrounded by dark ones.
Or you could not say which box, and have a QR treasure-hunt.
Loris, Apr 17 2015


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