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16 segmented character recognition for URLs

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16 segmented character recognition for encoding in a visual manner URL.

For human readable links, that is scannable, maybe having preprinted stickers that contains a pattern of 16 segment. With some markings to indicate that it is a 16seg url (e.g. a http:// marking)

This is not as flexible as a full on handwriting recognition of urls, but it would be more transparent than a QR code, and would be easier to read than normal human handwriting recognition.


TL;DR: OCR urls and contact information etc... with surrounding (mini barcode?) indicating content type (and to allow users to recognise that it is scannable).

mofosyne, Apr 17 2015

Possible Character States http://www.maximint.../3212/3212Fig03.gif
[mofosyne, Apr 17 2015]

OCR-A http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OCR-A_font
Better existing character set [scad mientist, Apr 17 2015]

What is the ideal font for OCR? http://stackoverflo...-ideal-font-for-ocr
[mofosyne, Apr 17 2015]

Tesseract (software) https://code.google.com/p/tesseract-ocr/
Tesseract is an optical character recognition engine for various operating systems. [mofosyne, Apr 17 2015]

Japanese lass who likes to draw QR codes http://en.rocketnew...ess-where-it-leads/
[not_morrison_rm, Apr 19 2015]

9-segment Russian postcode https://en.wikipedi...ine-segment_display
[notexactly, May 28 2015]


       It seems to me that the OCR-A font would be the natural choice. It's easier to read than your font and there's probably already code out there to OCR it. Your 16 segment font might be able to provide OCR capability with a simpler processor, but I bet even the cheapest of smart phones can handle OCR-A, so there's not much point.   

       I'll give a + to the idea as a whole because using OCR-A in the way you intended to use your 16 segmented font actually sounds like a good idea.   

       It seems like it shouldn't be too hard to incorporate OCR-A recognition into the same app that recognizes QR codes, so if it sees some OCR-A text with an http header, it will treat it somewhat like a QR code (or for that matter, it could auto- OCR and any OCR-A text it finds.   

       I'm sure at some time in the future every camera and image app will be automatically OCRing every character it sees to provide more info to the user, but even in those cases, the OCR-A font could be used to indicate the the text in that font is specifically intended to be read by a computer and can be given special priority.
scad mientist, Apr 17 2015

       Thanks scad mientist, I guess the reason I though 16 seg should be considered, is that I was thinking that this would allow for handwriting the OCR url via "connect the dots".   

       But yes, I can see both "human writeable 16seg" and OCR-A font to be both supported. But ideally, both should have surrounding markings indicating what actions household be taken (Is this a url link? A phone link? etc...).
mofosyne, Apr 17 2015


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