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3-Dimensional Security Cam

Multi-perspective assimilated graghical security recording
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Ok, I was reading about the 3D-video camera from 2002, and was thinking that instead of one camera having to process, then extrude in usable format, a 3D image all at once, this system would take the data from 4 or more seperate data recorders to provide a 3-dimensional representation over a period of time ... Often I've wondered what a 3-dimensional recording of our house parties would look like ... panning arround, and seeing who was where, and how they were acting ... this system would be able to record estimated person height, and actions ... could also be used to help catch burglars, or stop shoplifters in certain stores ... in addition to video surveylence, an accurate visual depiction of a criminal, or person at large can be assembled ... sometimes, video surveylence can appear to have skewed perception, or otherwise misrepresent the scale or orientation of objects ... this system could be discreet, and effective ... this could also be used to aid police in the search of evidence and such
Letsbuildafort, Sep 12 2003

Redundant by "3D Video Camera" http://www.halfbake...3D_20Video_20Camera
By [Worldgineer] [Letsbuildafort, Oct 13 2004]

JVC Z-Cam http://pro.jvc.com/...&model_id=MDL101309
Perhaps a little pricey for security. [bristolz, Oct 13 2004]


       You no there was a lot of good music bands you missed on your intro. pixies, lush, curve etc. a little more in depth.
northstar, Jan 07 2004

       I'm a fan of the Pixies, but not so much Lush, Curve, etc ... I can't really think of any softer punk that I really enjoy ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 07 2004

       Try (Ride) from chelsea. Amore alternative version of oasis . New Oasis bassist is formerly from Ride. By the way im from N.C. rare to find someone from the south (orig. from toronto) open minded when it comes to music. Bravo.
northstar, Jan 07 2004

       I can only think of one problem with this. Cost. Cool idea though.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Jun 27 2005

       In the early-mid 90's there was an Australian multi-camera system that could define and monitor volumes - used, I think to monitor the train depots where graffiti was a problem, but I can't find a link at present. I saw a demo of it where a dancer played music, by moving his/her body and limbs into trigger volumes.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 27 2005


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