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Autonomous Outdoor Web Animal Camera
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Have you ever been to a game park in Zimbabwe? Watching a watering hole is quite an experience. At first it's boring. Then after some time it seeps into your blood and you just relax and live-in-the-moment.

I propose an autonomous web cam with radio link and modem device, to be placed within range of a base receiver, connected to the internet. For the watering hole, they need only be able to operate at 4 frames per hour, but with sxga+, and a few seconds of high quality sound per frame. Would that be impossible on a 24k modem? Heck, 2 frames per hour would do. Pehaps it could be made to hang like fruit from the top of a Bayobab tree to avoid theft or tampering, with a solar panel for power. On the other side of the world in Memphis, LCD screens on the walls would bring the peace of the wild into one's home.

peterpeter, Nov 05 2002

africam http://www.africam.com/public/index.jsp
yep its africam. [skinflaps, Oct 04 2004]

A little halfbaked http://www.halfbake...Web_20Cam_20Gallery
[Zircon, Oct 04 2004]

Live rats http://www.omsi.org...it/life/lab/ratcam/
They aren't outdoors, but they wanna be. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]


       Never seen 'africam' ?
skinflaps, Nov 05 2002

       I've been doing the category thing wrong all day! Anyhow, pleased to meet you Seven. I know the technology is there, but has anybody done it with taste and panache. If you are suspicious that something went over my head: you're right.
peterpeter, Nov 05 2002

       I saw a doco recently where a camera was attached to an elephant's head. It even had windscreen wiper blades to clear the lens for when the elephant was showering itself in the waterhole.
Helium, Nov 05 2002

       Um, yes, I've been to a game park in Zimbabwe. Wasn't in the least boring, either.   

       [skinflaps: those cams are all in South Africa, by the look of it; however, in terms of water hole cams, they pretty darn Bake it.]
DrCurry, Nov 05 2002

       SXGA+ & 6 secs audio = 2Mb data? 2Mb/24k baud approx. 1000secs = approx. 15mins on a really crappy radio link. I think it's do-able --whatever the name. Maybe it should be call Tiger Eye?
peterpeter, Nov 06 2002

       I'd go for mounting a camera on top of a ram. Those battle sequences would be interesting.
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2002

       Excellent suggestion, 'Steele - I've often wondered what expressions we're missing, aside from the recoil/impact effect.
thumbwax, Nov 07 2002


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