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3D Graphics DV Cam

hand held digital cam with auto 3d computer graphics recording
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A new type of the standard digital video camera with a different function. When you point the camera down a street for example, the camera would record the scene in 3d real time computer graphics, all the 3d perspective info, and all surface bump mapping info along with the building material surface skins, etc. Then when you plug the camera into your computer, it would create an instant OpenGL or Direct3D MOD for your favorite 3d first person shooter game like Unreal, Half-Life or Quake. The computer would be able to reconstruct the video sequence of the street, building interior/exterior on the computer without any computer 3d software time or rendering. Then the person could play the new mission addon, say the complete interior of their own house full of quake 3 monsters for example, right away. You could also use it to digitize your homes or business for actual 3d virtual walkthroughs, not just Quicktime3D surround views, without expensive or time consuming software ike 3d Studio MAX, etc. These might be used as available downloads on real estate web sites. If a buyer has the real estate 3d software installed on their computer, they would download the walkthrough and use their keyboard or gamepad to navigate.
Huge, Dec 13 2002

Quake 3 site http://www.planetquake.com/quake3/
[Huge, Oct 17 2004]

ZCAM 3D Camera http://pro.jvc.com/...?model_id=MDL101309
13 Dec 02 | Not a WIBNI at all but an "object video" camera which records the 3D data of a scene in real time along with the video. In use and available now. When coupled with software like RealVIZ ImageModeler can recover texture map data. Bring money. [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]


       Until DV cams start coming with multi-gigapixel CCDs, and Intel's release of the Itanium 10, this will probably be a WIBNI.
Guncrazy, Dec 13 2002

       That ZCAM is amazing. I wonder it works. They say it uses pulsed IR, but it's hard to imagine a CCD that can work quickly enough to measure the lightspeed delay closely enough to pick up face wrinkles (as they claim the ZCAM can). Hmm...   

       Anyway, reconstructing a possibly changing 3D scene from one or more possibly moving 2D image sources is a subject of much research. It's possible but difficult.   

       So it's either baked or WIBNI or me-too, depending on how you look at it. Wait for a few more revs of Moore's Law, or get a ZCAM.
egnor, Dec 14 2002

       The ZCAM is only the latest incarnation of this type of system which has been around, in one form or another, since the early 90s (and invented, I *think* at MIT's Media Lab).   

       I have been fortunate enough to see the ZCAM demonstrated and to see the resulting data set which is most akin to an alpha-channel signal with a very accurate depth component. While it is not a handheld camera (unless you're [UnaBubba]), it does seem to work very well and refutes the need for "multi-gigapixel" imagers.
bristolz, Dec 14 2002

       I'll try to use it with a autostereo display, will work?
eugenio, Feb 18 2004


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