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303 acid ring tones

Mobile phones with a 303-based sound generator onboard.
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For those not in the know, the 303 refers to the Roland TB-303, a primitive synthesizer/sequencer, originally designed as a poor-person's replacement for a bass player, but which has since then become massively popular in techno/house/trance music because of the resonant squelching noises it can make when you tweak the knobs. Actual 303s sell for thousand dollars a piece; despite their cheap construction, there were only 10,000 or so made before Roland realised that it was a crap substitute for a bass player and canned it.

The 303 itself is a simple device; there is software (such as ReBirth) which emulates it accurately, and making a 303-like sound generator on a chip should be relatively easy. Given that a 303 contains a 16-step sequencer, it would be natural for repeating sounds, such as ring tones.

Which brings me to my idea: design a 303 on a chip, make it cheap, embed it in mobile phones (ideally those with a fluorescent/transparent/glittery appearance), and you have something more novel and cooler (at least for E-popping raver kids) than the usual beepy renditions of classical motifs/folk melodies. Allow the ring-tone editor to control resonant filters, envelopes and such as well as the notes, or put in a randomiser to allow each user to generate their own variant.

acb, Mar 28 2001

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Or just get a SonyEricsson P800 and load a .wav recording of a 303 onto it. Not great base though, but great for monkey sounds. [elhena, Oct 04 2004]

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       People do that anyway, to make sure that everybody knows how important they are, that they have to be in contact at every second...
StarChaser, Mar 28 2001

       There are electrostatic speakers (hi-fi) and piezoelectric speakers (low-fi).   

       There are also magneto-plasma-dynamic speakers, which are a bit like what you describe, and are pretty neat, but aren't something I want in my pocket.
wiml, Apr 02 2001

       Surely, the idea of a phone is to ring, not to play a tune :) That's what hifis etc are for !
modula, Apr 04 2001

       great idea, but when is the time we can program the handy's ourselfs? acid tricky ha!
acidxtc, Sep 03 2001


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