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Two ring tone cell phone switch

If your in one cell for a long time beep, else go crazy.
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Standing in line at the bank and your long crazy ring tone drives everyone crazy. Better if your phone can guess because it hasn't switched cells for a few minutes that your in line somewhere and a single short ring would be much more polite.

Surely some cell has such an application. In Japan where they hire people to push others into trains, a bozo with "smoke on the water" ringtone would get very nasty looks.

And fire in the sky.

popbottle, Jan 08 2014


       The ringer could be muted quite effectively if the other customers combined to insert the offending communications device entirely within on of the owner's body cavities, the choice of which being determined by the offensiveness and duration of the ringtone.   

       However, it is unlikely that bank staff or security guards will be inclined to remain passive while such an event is perpetrated; perhaps they could hold the victim's legs, or something.   

       This might also boost the market for smaller cellular phones with a somewhat different form factor to the large screen models currently in vogue.
8th of 7, Jan 09 2014


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