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33 1/3, 45, and 78

More milestones to celebrate
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When you are 33&1/3 years old--33 years, 4 months; have a celebration--likely with LPs as gifts.

When you reach your 45th birthday, people can give you 7" records.

Finally, when you are 78, you get the 10" ones.

(What of the 16's? Is it 16, 16&2/3, or 16&1/6?)

Great Satan, Sep 19 2003

(??) Re: 16 rpm records http://palimpsest.s...00/05/msg00007.html
Mostly, they were used for talking books [LoriZ, Dec 05 2004]


       How do you give an LP? I thought it was just a mood...
Tiger Lily, Sep 19 2003

       Of the 16's, I believe the average rpm is 0.002, with all the play they get.
oxen crossing, Sep 20 2003

       I thought ‘LP’ was ‘Liquid Propane’.
Shz, Sep 20 2003

po, Sep 20 2003

       Life preserver.
Needa Moeba, Sep 20 2003

       Always wondered if it was pure coincidence that 33+45=78. The extra third sort of ruins it.
DRstrathmore, Sep 20 2003

       George Harrison apparently dabbled with this idea, at 33 at least...but alas never got the chance for number 78.
n-pearson, Sep 21 2003

       Long-Playing. Should have thought of this a few decades ago. They're not making them anymore, right? So they'll become more rare and this will just become impossible, especially by the time I'm 78. Hey, is there a # associated with the CD?
mack2, Jan 06 2004

       //They're not making them anymore, right?//   

       Wrong. visit any record shop that caters to DJs and people who want others to think they are DJs and you will see stacks of them. HMV in Oxford has a pretty big vinyl section, and Massive Records sell little else.
stilgar, Jun 06 2004

bristolz, Jun 07 2004

       This definitely makes me feel old...because I know what the numbers mean without asking. BCD = before CD. Although a 78 was something I used to see in Antique shops, so I'm not THAT old.
Ling, Jun 07 2004

       My first record-player (that's what we called them in those days) had a 16 rpm setting. If you played an LP at 16, it was almost exactly one octave lower in pitch, and almost exactly half speed; great for learning guitar soloes.
LPs were originally recorded at 33 1/3; later it became just 33 rpm.
angel, Jun 07 2004

       [angel] - On the label possibly, but the angular velocity was and is 33 1/3 rpm clockwise.   

       [Ling] - BCD=binary coded decimal, as in EBCDIC; everybody knows that.
benjamin, Jun 07 2004

       16, 33, 45, 78 - anything to do with harmonics of the pickup/sylus/needle/ arm? It would be easier to balance and eliminate such if the speeds were multiples or similar...   

       Just a thought
timbeau, Jun 07 2004

       [benjamin]: Well, I dunno. I'm sure I read (in that authoritative journal "Somewhere") that the actual recording speed was altered around 1976. Also, I've just checked my turntable (quartz-locked), and as well as I can measure (by atomic clock), it's closer to 33 than 33 1/3. Not that it matters...
angel, Jun 07 2004

       [angel] - can you point me to a source that agrees with you? Not that it matters, of course ;)
benjamin, Jun 07 2004

       [benjamin], it was supposed to be a pun on old age. Not a good one, admittedly...
Ling, Jun 07 2004

       I thought it was "lost profit"
schematics, Jun 07 2004

       Alternatively, celebrate birthdays at 1/3 century, 1/7 century, 10000 days (about 29 years, or transit of Saturn), etc.
LoriZ, Dec 05 2004

       These are the birthdays that I celebrate. I'm hoping for some retro-LP technology to come along to fill the 33-year gap between 45 and 78, though.
yppiz, May 25 2006

       I went to a Billy Joel concert once (OK, I'm not proud of it - I was young and impressionable). He'd just broken up with Christie Brinkley and celebrated his birthday, and he announced "At 33, I was a long player <wink>, but now I'm 45 and a single"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 25 2006


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