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360° Football

Soccer, that is...
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The outer dimensions of the field remain regulation size, marked in a fixed location.

The Center Spot & Circle remain in the same place, as does each Corner Arc and it's Corner Flag.


Best played at night, 360° Football's Center/Midfield Line and Goal lines are marked by light in place of chalk, with the beamed light continually moving in a clockwise fashion throughout the course of the game.

And so are the goals, which are moved from the rear so as to not interfere with normal play, via tracks fitted with timed, wheeled machinery, allowing the goals to rotate in an oval around the field of play.

This continues until the game is complete.
thumbwax, Jun 04 2003


       Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you suggesting moving the goal posts?   

       Tut tut.   

       Do the stands rotate too? I have a season ticket for a fantastic seat right behind the goal - risking being in the wrong position on the oval when my team score and missing all the action seems like too big a gamble...
fshhhh, Jun 04 2003

       Seems like a circular field would be arena for a game of three-goal football (i.e. football version of three goal hockey - for those who never saw the bakery original, sorry, it was a classic, but I think it got deleted before waugsqueke's reincarnation as himself, but could be wrong).
Anyway, three teams, two balls, etc. etc. And I think rotating the pitch is a great idea for the clubs as they'll probably take it as an excuse to charge high prices for all seats as they all get a perfect view of the match at some point.....
goff, Jun 04 2003

       This might actually be more interesting with American football. Everything takes so darn long to happen that by the time someone's actually hiked (or whatever), the goals will have changed places.
DrCurry, Jun 04 2003

       // charge high prices for all seats as they all get a perfect view of the match at some point //   

       It would never work [goff], they'd also get a less-than-perfect view during most of the game.   

       There's 2 types of people who buy football tickets, those who want cheap seats and those who want quality seats.   

       I don't think the cheapskates would be prepared to fork out the extra for an occassional alternative view, and I also don't think the people who were prepared to pay more in the first place would want to forfeit their good position for even a minute.
fshhhh, Jun 04 2003

       It could make penalty kicks more interesting, especially if the speed of rotation was increased. Perhaps the speed of rotation could be linked to the volume of crowd noise (higher volume = quicker rotation). This could lead to a tactical hush just before a penalty and a collective ROAR! by disgruntled fans just as the ball is being struck. +
Elias, Jun 04 2003

       Don't shoot at the goals, shoot at where they're gonna be.
my face your, Jun 04 2003

       Why not just *really* increase the speed, wall of death style, and have the players play on the walls, horizontally? Make for some interesting ball dynamics.
DrCurry, Jun 04 2003

       Random annotation
DesertFox, May 07 2004


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