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Floating Football Stadium

Build a full-size football/soccer stadium on sea barges like the freedom ship
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The idea behind this is that in England the main cost of a new huge stadium is the cost of the land and the labour cost of building it. Take advantage by mounting the whole thing on sea barges just like the design for the Fredom ship. No high-cost land needed and it can be towed down any decent sized river. Better than all this is the fact that the stadium can take advantage of the low labour costs by building it in the far east and shipping it over. As an added advantage, if it were built big enough the whole thing could be rented out to aid a foreign countries world cup bid. Rent-a-stadium here we come.
bs0u0155, Dec 01 2005


       I like this a lot more than the stupid Freedom Ship. Bun.
moomintroll, Dec 01 2005

       Perhaps you could float the Millennium Dome out to sea...?
DrCurry, Dec 01 2005

       + Fans throwing stuff onto the field walk the plank?
Zimmy, Dec 01 2005

       I don't suppose there's any chance of it sinking, is there?
angel, Dec 01 2005

       [Off topic] The Freedom Ship looks like a crap idea. I just googled it now as it's the first i've heard of it, and it looks fairly pointless. I mean, there is no such thing as real freedom, there has to be rules on that boat, hence you are not truly free ... it's just a stupid marketing ploy to sell to the gullible patriotic americans.[/Off topic]   

       Anyway, i like your idea. Maybe you should invent a new, pirate-themed football game.
Mrlemonjelly, Dec 02 2005

       I checked out the 'Freedom Ship'. Norman Nixon (now THERE'S a monicker), sounds like a ranting new 'baker in his blurb, as quoted below:   

       "Many of you already know what we have created. Those of you who "do not get it" may feel free to move on to the next web site.   

       For those of you who are still with us, I am sure we do not need to explain to you what this lifestyle will be like - you already know!"
normzone, Dec 02 2005

       but if the waves come up it tilts the stadium and that might make kicking the ball around a bit difficult
sridhar236, Jan 16 2006

       What's a Freedom Ship?
Is it something invented by the French?
A Liberty ship with a thesaurus?
coprocephalous, Jan 16 2006

       Well, frankly, so many teams are all at sea, it wouldn't really make much difference, would it?
DrCurry, Jan 16 2006

       If a football hooligan is tossed overboard by fans of the opposing team is he flotsam or jetsam?
shapu, Jan 17 2006

       You'll have to include barf bags at every seatback for seasickness once the ocean gets a little rough....not to mention the extra kinetic motion imparted to long arcing shots. I like this idea though.
benjaminsbox, May 26 2006

       I fhte barge is sufficiently large and has a long, well-ballasted keel, movement due to the ocean should be negligible duing decent weather. If the weather gets bad enough to move the ship, chances are its lousy weather for football anyway.
5th Earth, May 26 2006


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