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360° x 360° Spherical LED Monitor

2-D VR
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This device is made up of a series of hoops made of closely packed LEDs mounted on a motor, mounted on a raised chair. The result is a spherical enclosure for the ultimate in computer monitors.

3-D glasses optional.

Inspired by, well... more like completely stolen from [Ling], who was inspired by [Klaatu].

Worldgineer, Mar 24 2004

360° Tubular Monitor http://www.halfbake...20Tubular_20Monitor
Inspired by annos from this. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) Picture http://www.geocitie...ymail/HB/chair.html
Yes, using good ol' MS Paint. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) LED Floating Clock http://www.brooksto...?image_file=360305A
Like this, but better. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Spinning LED message display http://www.ledblinkers.com/
[Ling, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Camera and Display arrangement together http://www.geocitie...oy/other/3DLED.html
I thought I would illustrate my earlier anno [Ling, Dec 07 2004]

(?) Dynascan curved display http://www.dynascan...om/photogallery.htm
Only curves in one dimension, but this would be a good starting point for the technology. [wagster, Dec 07 2004]

(?) [mens]'s link as a link http://giga.co.il/gur/
[Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004]

(?) [mens]'s device http://www.geocitie.../guitarmonitor.html
[Worldgineer, Dec 08 2004]

An older LED monitor idea Micro-Diode_20Display_20Panels
Perhaps some of the inspiration came from this (or more likely from some of the links)? [Vernon, Dec 09 2004]


       Sold! Cerebro, here I come!
Letsbuildafort, Mar 24 2004

       [Worldgineer], no problem:go ahead.
I sort of combined [Klaatu]'s idea, and something I saw once: a set of LED's that you spin around, much like those football ratchets. In that case, the LED's spelt out some words. The LED's switch on according to a position encoder.
I think the intention was for parties and so on.
Ling, Mar 24 2004

       How about this idea in combination with the following:
A camera is constructed which uses a similar rotating array of CCD sensors. This time the array is on the inside of a light proof sphere. Opposite the array is a pin-hole. The pin hole and the array spin around, capturing a full 360x360 degree image.
The display and the camera are syncronised.
Now if the "driver" in the seat can use remote control to steer a vehicle, he could see in all directions as required.
(Edit: Actually, it would have to be a hemisphere, with the pin hole at the center of the flat face)
Ling, Mar 24 2004

       [Steve] I think that should do it. We don't need the liquid cooling because it will be air cooled, and we'll need color, but at least it looks possible.
Worldgineer, Mar 25 2004

       36 frames per second would make things pretty convenient. How do you people think of these things? [+]   

       For a minute though, I thougt you were talking about a spherical vacuum tube (except for the stem).   

       That would be one heck of a way to show the weather. But I like "Battleship 3-D The deluxe God version with gilded laser-point-and-click devices.   

       Have I gone too far?
K-trein, Mar 26 2004

       Great link, [Ling]. I also like the hand-powered flashlight.
Worldgineer, Mar 26 2004

       I'm just howling. I found the same person as myself doing all this two years ago. You'd drop something if you saw my prototype. He's asleep half way around the world and I don't have his permission to discuss what we have in detail just now and I should be building something right now instead of typing here at the end of a snowed in half mile lane. It certainly is the way I like to rock and roll. Why did the world never do this earlier?
mensmaximus, Dec 07 2004

       [mensmaximus], are you saying that this is similar to your prototype?

(Link added)
Ling, Dec 07 2004

       Hi Ling, Yes, and it is a nice concept to follow. Long story here. I had an art explorations grant a long time ago based on the idea of scanning visuals and turning them into sound. It was the reverse of my boring job of recording optical sound tracks on the side of film eight hours a day, my reward from a three year film-making course. I proudly announced to no one listening that I was going to turn sound into pictures and pictures into sound. To save face I had to quickly figure out reversible principles. By way of cylinder lenses, it is possible to SCAN or pickup information through a slit. The ratio on a 35 mm. optical sound pick-up is 80:1. As an analog tape recorder also uses a slit, it is fair to reason that this system has access to the most 'new' data while having the most ability to dump the 'old'. Hence the progression to scanning a live dancer with a vibrating slit of light or vibrating the virtual image across a slit photocell. Optical pick-ups for bass guitars evolved a few years after that. Forrest Mimms is the pioneer of LEDs and photo pick-up circuits. So I'm getting no help from electronic musicians at the time who were bummed out that they could'nt create high quality in real time and my sounds were more musique concrete. So I've got all these LEDs and experimenter boards laying around and contrary to mfgs. instructions, I stuck them in parallel in the bus bars with no current limiting resistors and hooked them up to a variable dc power supply. Cool. Turned the lights out. Waved it around. Wow. Hooked up my square wave to a Mosfet and waved it around with that and I saw the light. I never thought of an LED standing still again. My arm was getting tired. I had an old record player, a six volt battery, above circuit and LED bus bars flying around on the platter. I am in contact with a person who has an excellent world patent on this technology. I can give it to you soon. I took this technology into my version of stealth-vision. It replicates what is behind it. It blends in with the scenery or sky. You may have seen a lot of that, Ling.
mensmaximus, Dec 07 2004

       Stealth vision? No I haven't seen much of that. Isn't that the idea?
Cylindrical lenses, now there's a thought. Beats my pin hole, I suppose.
Ling, Dec 07 2004

       Where's the wind jammer guitar input on your version? Mine has one.
mensmaximus, Dec 07 2004

       :-( Now I'm jealous. Where's a poorly drawn picture of yours? Mine has one.
Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004

       [SteveDeGroof] you could accomplish higher resolution simply by having multiple staggered rows on each ring (much like the keys on a keyboard, none are exactly in line). I don't know if I like the whole egg-beater look, but I might tolerate up to four spinning elements (two complete rings).   

       My concern is mechanical. A spinning ring of light doesn't have the persistent glow of a phosphor nor the constant-on of an LCD screen, so you'd need an exceptionally high refresh rate to make this less than nauseating. I'll venture 100 hz would be acceptable. Given four elements, that's 25 revolutions per second, or 1500 RPM. That's gonna make one heck of a racket, much like standing under a helicopter. It'll also take quite a bit of power to drive. A solid sphere would solve that problem, but if you're going to do that, you might as well just use projectors. Plus, it'll still be windy inside.   

       If you want a full sphere view (360 horiz by 180 vert), this might be difficult to design. If you pre-stress for deformation and allow for less than 180 degrees of vertical view angle, this becomes trivial.   

       I see several difficult design issues that would be better tackled by other means, but for overall concept, I like it. [+]
Freefall, Dec 07 2004

       Hi, It's at giga.co.il/gur We're applying for a small research grant for asia-pacific contacts. Mine is in an unlit unplugged guitar photo on my disc. How do I show a picture here? I am so playing down the music part. Some songs are so perfect for some settings. My backyard is littered with skeletons of old blown out speakers listening and watching this light show in perfect sync with the music. It's an optical link. The flying slit. I had to edit the way out stuff here.
mensmaximus, Dec 07 2004

       It's easy to link to a picture here - use the "link" link above. You can't post pictures here. You can send me one through e-mail and I'll post it on my geocities account for you.   

       (12/8/04: link added)
Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004

       To my untrained eyes, it looks like a pile of VCD junk heaped on top of a bass guitar.
Ling, Dec 09 2004

       [Ling], this is the unwired, unplugged, unlit version with last century electro-mechanical camouflage.   

       Do you have a picture of your favourite crop circle guitar?
mensmaximus, Dec 09 2004

       Just a minute, let me see...... No.
Ling, Dec 09 2004

       Nope, it's clearly quite different. But interesting enough to post as a link.
Worldgineer, Dec 09 2004

       Sirs, With all respect, you are re-designing the propeller beanie with droopy rotors. I can't pick up chicks when I'm wearing one of those, I've noticed.   

       I went on to flying saucer and crop circle technology scanning thought.   

       Please remember my exposure to 'airships'. I've walked inside complicated spheres.   

       This has been the age of the wheel. I would consider leaving an analog vs. a digital message for someone 1000 years from now.   

       Apart from that, shouldn't we be concerned about competition from active OLED screens whose pixels are always lit through picture refresh.   

       I still haven't paid homage to another man, the 'inventor' of the "Wall of Sound" concept, which can apply here; think of that "2001" starburst screen splitting scene.   

       But seriously, you have not brought up Dr. Gurs claim that his design has the most 3D potential versus static displays.   

       I'm being short sighted here possibly but I don't see any benefits of your design except that it is the same as my virtual selectable breast bra design.   

       I'm wearing my Tony Robbins hat here. What's with this RGB stuff? How can you duplicate the colour of a breast with RBG????????????????????   

       The Actuality Sytem is using X,Y,Z galvos right? So much negative feedback circuitry, same as a guitar string. There are nanoseconds when everything is going down the loo.
mensmaximus, Dec 09 2004

       [Steve DeGroof], Yes I understand. I was just thinking that both designs could fall under the catagory of: Conduct an experiment showing the non-consistant response of individual LEDs to a varying voltage.   

       Contrary to mnfgs. suggestions, they do not each light up at the same time or with the same illumination/voltage curve response. Love to know otherwise. I'm a bit dated.
mensmaximus, Dec 09 2004

       [Vernon], you certainly put a lot into that monitor idea. I researched broadcast HDTV for a sub. to the government and there have been constant lofty thoughts of achieving the best definition possible in these types of mediums.   

       I'm interested in revolution not resolution in communications technology. I'm aware of the 20% tipping point of a product after which eveyone wants to buy one and the product was only successfull initially because of rich techies wanting the best.   

       I wish I could find something of local of interest to watch on my snowy tv here more than HDTV.   

       I have a bias toward the OLED cheap newspapers of tomorrow, significant as the Gutenburg Press with electronic voting at the end of every article. I don't want to wait ten years for more democracy. How about a little Yushchenko-vision everywhere now?
mensmaximus, Dec 10 2004

       A Gigantic step in Monitor? That's crazy. A Helmet with a 270 degree {Above the eybrows down to the chin and Ear to ear} led projection or backlight LCD might be feasible. Surround Sond 5.1 would be neat to. Oh and for the Back light part you could use Diodes and have them turn on at certain points! Like if you were out side thier would be one really bright diode {the sun} and all the others are on at 10 percent capacity? This would also have to include a sensor ring to interpert incoming and out going signals simutanaeously, with a rotating treadmill and or bicycle machine to be used in games?   

       your welcome, you friend LightDemonCodeHunter. My quote "I was the demon of darkest evils and then a human girl saw me and said,'Be Free and true to your self' So now I saw I was trapped and not full of knowledge, I am in the light and seek his codes, doing evil that it may not hurt others but to help them. No one cries for the LightDemon save for family and friends."
LightDemonCodeHunter, Dec 31 2004

       Did someone ask you for a quote?
wagster, Jan 01 2005

       [wag], could you give us a quote?
Worldgineer, Jan 03 2005

       ...world's a stage...man...plays many parts...   

       (Sounds of foot-soldiers marching in the distance, stage right, grow louder. Trumpets and loud voices command the troups to stop just off stage right. The sound of clanking body armor and metal parts dragging along the floor approaches.)
mensmaximus, Jan 03 2005


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