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Corrugated TFT Monitor

Do I mean corrugated?
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Do you remember those little lumpy-striped pictures you could get as kids, which showed one of two or three images depending upon which way you looked at them? I remember one that showed triceratops from one angle and a modern rhino from the other. I think it came from a cereal packet. Were they trying to tell me that the rhinocerous is descended from triceratops?

Anyway. Build a tft with similar properties, such that I can look at one document and type onto another, with only small movements of my head. This is less of an interruption to thought and flow than alt+tabbing, and less of a waste-of-space than multiple monitors.

Clearly the corrugated monitor will need two (or more?) inputs, or else fancy software to decide what goes on each 'screen'.

theNakedApiarist, Jun 20 2008

Tele for Two Tele_20for_20Two
An idea for a lenticular television screen. [phoenix, Jun 20 2008]

Parallax barrier https://en.wikipedi...ki/Parallax_barrier
What the Nintendo 3DS uses. The first diagram compares it to a lenticular display, which is what this idea proposes. [notexactly, Dec 18 2018]


       comes with free motion sickness patch...
4whom, Jun 20 2008

       The word you are looking for is lenticular, I think. You move your point of view and see a different picture/s.
Two main problems:
1. Don't move your head too much.
2. Screen size is limited. Unless you use rather fancy geometries.

       Smaller problem, you can achieve this with two monitors on one processing unit.
4whom, Jun 20 2008

       You seem to be missing the "killer app" for this: three-dimensional displays [+].
nineteenthly, Jun 20 2008

       nifty, or you could use maniac vr goggles that showed any number of pseudoplanes with head titlt
beanangel, Jun 20 2008

       "This is less of an interruption to thought and flow than alt+tabbing, and less of a waste-of-space than multiple monitors."
But each image will be at half resolution...
phoenix, Jun 20 2008

       \\But each image will be at half resolution...\\   

       You're ignoring the fact that resolution is mostly dictated by what is necessary rather than what is possible.   

       I would not pay extra for a higher resolution monitor. But I might pay for one of these, and if I have to pay extra for decent resolution I might pay that too.   

       A lot of people have two monitors, and they would probably pay up to twice the price of one monitor for one of these with two screens.
Bad Jim, Jun 21 2008

       //maniac vr goggles that showed any number of pseudoplanes//
Yes, that could work. Or have an ordinary screen and a head tracker.

       The Corrugated Monitor would be practical for some 2-player games.
Amos Kito, Jun 21 2008

       Or one person with Multiple Personality Disorder ...
8th of 7, Jun 21 2008

       Something close to this is baked, with the aim of providing 3-D colour pictures without fancy specs. A set of narrow vertical bars across the front of the screen ensure that each eye gets a different picture.
david_scothern, Jun 22 2008

       This could be a simple overlay which is stuck on any TFT display. It reminds me of when I sneeze onto the screen, and the little droplets magnify the pixels.   

       Would there be any advantage of using near/far instead of left/right? Perhaps it could act like an auto zoom of the central area, amongst others (but the lenticular arangement would be circular in that case).
Ling, Jun 23 2008

       Amos Kito has my idea i think, imagine playing halo or some other shooter on a large tv where if you sit on the left you see one display and if you sit on the right you see the second player display that way you both get a full size (albeit half resolution) display and privacy at the same time. actually a $10 stick on screen cover and a quick change of the program on an xbox would do this.
Arcanus, Dec 29 2009

       [+]You might have a problem with using it if you are an ADHD sufferer.
Jscotty, Dec 29 2009

       This is (very loosely—see first diagram at [link]) how the Nintendo 3DS's 3D screen works. You could maybe take one of those and use it for this.
notexactly, Dec 18 2018


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