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diagonal flat screen

lying down near a large screen watching the Mondial got me thinking
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I had an eye opening experience watching a soccer match while lying down below a large screen.

1. The players seemed to be weirdly flat and short.

2. I had to move my eyes to follow the ball from one side of the field to the other, and as it got further and closer.

Putting the two together made me realize that if I watched a flat screen laid out before me instead of it being sitting up blocking my view I would have the benefit of exercising my eyes, moving them and focusing them to near and far, instead of passively watching a 2d screen and trying to imagine the 3d experience.

What is needed of course is to adjust the scene for that point of view so to speak.

pashute, Dec 05 2022

It's all a matter of perspective. https://www.starwar...-hope-opening-crawl
[a1, Dec 05 2022]

US20140092142 https://patents.goo...ent/US20140092142A1
[xaviergisz, Dec 08 2022]

US20070052708 https://patents.goo...ent/US20070052708A1
[xaviergisz, Dec 08 2022]


       So mount the flat screen on the ceiling with one end on a tilt mechanism to adjust viewing angle to the number of pillows you are using?
whatrock, Dec 06 2022

       Easy to prototype with a projector
pocmloc, Dec 06 2022

       I don't think it's the change in focus you need so much as a distant focal point. Your screen needs to be far away or 40 meters long.
Voice, Dec 07 2022

       Hemispherical projection...
RayfordSteele, Dec 08 2022

       >[Voice] ...needs to be far away. I don't think so. If you have a person running away, and your eye has to change focus to see the far end of the screen that is simulating exactly what happens at great distances. And its easier to do with a screen that is laid out from 1 cm to 3 meters away... Try it.
pashute, Apr 03 2023


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