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3D(ish) Mirror

Watch yourself get fat over time
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You know one of those kids toys that is a rack of pins, and when you push your face in to the pins it leaves an impression of your face? Please someone tell me the name of it.

Well, the 3D mirror is based on this idea. Instead of simple pins, little sticks of fibre optic cable are used.

When you stand in front of it, a couple of lasers scan you to determine what you look like, and then the fibre optic cables are pushed out of the base in the same way as the pin toy, to give a 3D impression of you. The fibre optics use light of the same colour as you and there you have it.

You can record one each day and then play then back and watch how you put weight on, how you grow old and how your face sags. Oh the fun you'd have.

noblea, Feb 25 2005

(?) Pin Art http://www.physlink...rt/PinArtJunior.cfm
[po, Feb 25 2005]

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       The Human Pincushion.   

       I expect 3D image contraptions to move real time. This one doesn't.
mensmaximus, Feb 25 2005


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