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Adjustable Skinniness Mirrors

Find your ideal weight for an outfit
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These flexible mirrors (made of polished chrome) have dials on them that let customers bend the mirror by a percentage to make them appear thinner or fatter.

Luxury clothing stores have these mirrors.

This way, shoppers can tell how much weight they can gain with a dress still looking good on them, or how much weight they would have to lose for the outfit to work.

For example, you might barely "pull off" a dress at your current weight of 140 pounds, but when you turn the dial to "+5%", you suddenly look like you're wearing a muumuu. If you only weigh 140 now because you starved yourself for 2 weeks to go to a reunion, then you shouldn't buy this dress.

Similarly, people often think, oh, if only I had the body to wear that... now you can see exactly how far away that goal is.

Some outfits have better shape tolerance than others; this deluxe mirror can tell you.

phundug, Aug 23 2004


       there should be three separate adjustable mirrors for trunk, legs and face - to get the optimum for each body area. afterall, you don't want a lovely figure if your legs look like water pipes and your face looks like a currant bun.
po, Aug 23 2004

       //see exactly how far away that goal is//
I probably don't understand the idea. But, if a skinny person tries on a large dress, carnival mirrors won't show how it will lie on a larger body. And a big person can't fit in the smaller outfit.
Maybe this would work with Spandex clothing on big bodies. Squeeze into the outfit, and the pattern stretches. The mirrors adjust to restore the pattern. It also distorts sleeve length, collars, buttons, shoes, etc. If I saw myself all deformed in a store mirror, I'd probably buy nothing. But I hate shopping for clothes. Other people may love those mirrors.
Amos Kito, Aug 23 2004

       bone for pandering to shapeism.
dobtabulous, Aug 23 2004


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