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3D Domino Dice

What, no Game:Dice or Game:Dominoes category?
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A game of dominoes, played with dice, instead.

Dice come in random numbers a side, with 0-9 or 0-12 like regular dominoes. Except these are six sided.

Stack em, line em up, just have fun!

DesertFox, Jan 04 2006

Stack http://boardgamecen...om/games/stack.html
3D Dice dominoes...sort of... [Minimal, Jan 05 2006]


       Sounds like it may have been already baked, 'cos it's a good idea.   

       How do I get a long line of them to fall over?
Ling, Jan 04 2006

       I'm not yet seeing how you'd play dominoes with a die that shows a single face. I roll a 9 and play it. Everyone from then on has to match a 9.   

       Are there two dice per "domino", or do they somehow show two numbers per die when rolled? A representation of a normal two-celled domino on each face?
half, Jan 04 2006

       //A representation of a normal two-celled domino on each face?// That's how I'm reading it [half], with cubic dominoes that can be rolled like dice in order to randomly retermine which face is used for the purposes of the game.   

       You could do something similar with just a bunch of regular dice by rolling two at a time and sliding them next to one another in order to create a 'dicimo' that can be played as normal.   

       Perhaps you could make them magnetic so that they hold onto one another once introduced.   

       However you do it, cubic dominoes do provide the potential for 3D dominoes, allowing for pieces to be placed on top of one another, rather than just side-by-side (a bit like Mah Jong)
zen_tom, Jan 04 2006

       ...and yet another version...the vertical faces must match. The top face is not important.
Ling, Jan 04 2006

       There's a game that is very much like a 3d dice version of dominoes. It's called Stack and its a good game...see link
Minimal, Jan 05 2006


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