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Ace of Stars

A fifth suit!
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The poker tournament draws near to a close.

Ned only needs one more card to get a straight. He has bet all his chips on this one hand. He draws a card.

It is the Ace of Stars! HIs straight is complete! He lays down his cards smirking, but alas!

His opponent has five of a kind.


A fifth suit in a deck of cards would open a whole new world of possibilities, with only slight modifacation of the rules of some games. Not only could there be more possibilities in a game of cards, but there could also be more people to play!

With 65 cards, an entire new dimension opens up for poker, rummy, solitaire, you name it.

Should it be red or black? Or alternating?

DesertFox, Nov 19 2005

Wikipedia' take on suits and names origins of the court cards http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playing_card
Apparently the modern forms of the suits came about because they were easily stenciled, and stars would fit in that scheme. However, packs always had four suits, so you're fighting the tide on that one. [DrCurry, Nov 20 2005]


       Methinks you need a 6th suit. May I suggest 'Algae'. Then you can create a new color for the 2 new suits, and you would have a 78 card deck with equal numbers of all 3 suits.
sleeka, Nov 19 2005

       algae? I thought my streams of thought were weird...   

       DF, +   

       I would suggest a completely black and white icon for your stars.   

       black outline with white background.
po, Nov 19 2005

       You could use a tarot deck, discard the knights, and make your fifth suit out of the Major Arcana.
bungston, Nov 20 2005

       Does anyone know what it is about the King of Hearts?   

       He has no moustache, but the Jack of Hearts does.   

       I think the King is a decoy and the Jack is really royalty in disguise.
DesertFox, Nov 20 2005

       I believe at one time the cards were all portraits of people, but they have become so stylized over time they have become unrecognizable. Certainly, their Egyptian forerunners were named (although not pictured, due to Muslim taboos about representations).   

       Oh yes, here we go, see link.   

       I think the new suit should be the bass guitar. So we could have the Ace of Base.
DrCurry, Nov 20 2005

       If you look closely at the king of hearts you will notice that he is sticking a sword into his head, hence he is known the suicide king. Unrequited love and the inability to grow upper lip hair have led to his unfortunate condition.   

       The fith or sixth suit should be, if not algae, something intangible and conceptual. Like irony. This way poker games would lead to insightful debates and comments. Regarding whether one player has the suit of irony, or if it's just one of the algae suit cleverly held upside down.
jellydoughnut, Nov 20 2005


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