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3D Jello printer

extruded, are you sure?
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Grabbing your insulated 'pen' you carefully dip its interchangeable metal nib into the liquid nitrogen ink-well for several seconds and then slide the guide bar on the pre-chill hopper, brimming with nearly set clear gelatin, to select just the right shade of red to inject.
Larger nib shapes used to create the bases of bigger sculptures contain a criss-crossed wire lattice which super cool the jello as it is extruded to set almost instantly as it exits the hand-held dispenser. A foot pedal controls the flow rate and colors can be changed on the fly.

The programmable LED serving tray seemed like over-kill, but the way it makes continuous jello shapes light up like fiber optic conduits really makes the piece come alive.

The 'princess castle' she asked for last time was hard enough but now a 'rainbow unicorn'...

Similar, way cooler, idea from [n-pearson] Jello_20electrophoresis_20fun_21
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 24 2013]

For those not familiar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jell-O
J-E-L-L-Ohhhhh! [Klaatu, Feb 25 2013]


       sp: jelly
po, Feb 25 2013

       [singing the stupid jingle] J-E-L-L-Ohhhhh! [/stsj]   

Klaatu, Feb 25 2013

       Good one, [2 fries]! [+]
Grogster, Feb 25 2013

       [+] one late croissant...I was out of jello!
xandram, Feb 27 2013

       My wife makes a dessert using vanilla ice cream in place of some of the water in making up the Jello. The result is opaque, lower density, and stiffer than straight Jello. It might be useful in adding some more variety to your building materials, without damaging the edibility of your creations.
lurch, Feb 27 2013


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