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Jello Music

Gelatinous polychromatic bells
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I would like to see a series of progressively larger glasses filled with different colors of Jello. These could be played like a bell choir. In fact with light playing off the glasses and through the Jello it could be visually and aurally beautiful. Music would be produced by tapping the glasses or running your finger around the edges of the glasses.

And the finishing touch is that when the concert is over everyone can eat the Jello.

lingamish, Sep 18 2006


       You had me until that last sentence. Ew!
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 18 2006

       I'm pudding a (+) up there.   

       Sadly for this idea, jello (or jelly as it is known in civilised countries) is a very good acoustic dampener. Try making a jello filled glass ring - it won't.
wagster, Sep 18 2006

       I'm imagining myself making a jello-filled glass ring - it does!
lingamish, Sep 18 2006

       That is the secret to many sucessful ideas here - keep them firmly imaginary.
wagster, Sep 18 2006

       I'm imagining myself running to the store to get some jello mix... nah, too much work!
lingamish, Sep 18 2006


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