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3D Satellite Map

What's that building?
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Satellite maps are useful, but a common problem is that you can't easily identify landmarks from directly above. To solve this, have the satellites take photos from angles as well as above. A map viewer would then be able to offer angled photos so you could see the sides of buildings. It may even be able to combine the images into crude 3D models.
Bukkakinator, Sep 18 2008


       I think Microsoft's own maps website has something that does angles... and Google Earth has a 3D feature. Would be nice if the two would have a lovechild.
ScarletLark, Sep 18 2008

       This is already done, though usually through the use of steroscopy.
phoenix, Sep 18 2008

       Google Earth has 3D buildings in most cities. There's a Sketch feature somewhere that allows folks to "paint" the buildings with pictures of the buildings, then upload them--I recall cruising around INSIDE a stadium, once.
baconbrain, Sep 18 2008


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