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Drive A Random Mile

go everywhere without going anywhere
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I often spend time looking a random place in Randomstreetview (link), but what I would like would be some short journeys that would play out like mini travel movies.

This would work in the same way as in randomstreetview, except you would be able to specify that an actual journey started at the point from where you 'landed".

You can do this now, but it requires constant clicking on the navigation arrows. Drive A Random Mile automates the entire process and generates a continuous moving record of a journey in a place where you have never been, and may never go.

Some additional parameters would enable you to specify the amount of deviations there were on the route - ie from as straight as possible with no turning to "make as many left and right turns as possible" to "go around in a big loop".

Super version enables you to select "two random places" no more than 5 miles apart and play the journey between them.

De-luxe version includes road and engine noise, along with a local radio playing.

Ultra-version enables you to play the journey in a variety of weather conditions (this requires all street view recordings to be re-done as new versions during the rain, snow, fog, wind, hail, twilight, dark, and blinding sun)

xenzag, Mar 08 2021

random street view https://randomstreetview.com/ua
try making a short journey [xenzag, Mar 08 2021]

Google Maps Streetview Player http://brianfolts.com/driver/
This sounds as though it might go halfway towards implementing this idea. Sadly it seems Google is monetising their development api so this isn't free to use straight away. But if you connected this with two random street view locations taken from the link above, you'd have what I think would be a fairly good match. [zen_tom, Mar 08 2021]

Here's the Local Radio Component http://radio.garden...ix-am-1080/Htvzv_Ng
Local Radio from around the Globe [AusCan531, Mar 09 2021]


       + Love it.   

       Must tell you a funny story, I was on Street view and I was cruising around Venice in a boat. I kept seeing the same guy and it felt creepy until I realized he was the gondola driver! ( Yes there is a Google gondola)
xandram, Mar 08 2021

       [+] neat idea - and eminently doable. I found a half a link that might step towards a working implementation too.
zen_tom, Mar 08 2021

       I thought a similar program attached to a treadmill or fixed bicycle would encourage me to exercise more. Especially if there was a map showing progress. "If I put in another 1/2 hour I'll make it to Northam then continue from there in the morning."
AusCan531, Mar 09 2021

       I'd like this but without the randomness
sninctown, Mar 09 2021

       This is roughly the fourth or fifth idea I've read this morning that is really, really, great. Keepem coming. I had one but didn't write it down and now it's history.   

       (On a side note, the title reminded me of an incident involving LSD and about 5 teenagers sitting in a car on the driveway tripping all the way from Illinois to California, without moving an inch. Random roads for sure.)   

       Edited to include, THANKS A BUNCH, XENZAG, I didn't know about "random search view" till today. I just spent an hour in the Ukraine. I may have found my next addiction. (Like I needed another.)
blissmiss, Mar 09 2021


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