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3G Phones for the Deaf

A phone that does sign language.
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Imagine you're hearing impared. You aren't able to enjoy a voice call. Text messaging on your mobile phone is great, although it obviously has limitations.

Now imagine I want to give you a call. With my 3G mobile, I dial your 3G mobile number, which is flagged for this service by your mobile service provider. My call is routed to a voice recognition system, which converts my words into library footage of somebody doing sign language - with my (real time) head super-imposed on top of the image.


Fishrat, Nov 21 2004


       I guess there would be a need for this anytime text was a problem, as in foreign languages. +
dentworth, Nov 21 2004

       Foreign languages don't use text?   

       Since you're presumably speaking English, with English grammar, wouldn't it be much easier to just translate your words into text, rather than imposing the related, but slightly different, grammar of ASL on it? Just dial 1-800-SUBTITLES... (I'd route my outgoing calls through this just to freak people out.)   

       To make this a reality now, substitute "voice recognition system" with "call center in a low-income, cheap-labor region with English speakers".   

       I thought this would be a phone with tiny articulated arms so it can gesture along with the caller.
jutta, Nov 21 2004

       I sure SMS was a revolution for deaf people. I can see no real need for this, but [+] because it would be such fun.
wagster, Nov 21 2004

       jutta - your subtitle idea is all well and good, except that it negates the need for my head to be stuck on another body, which spoils my fun.   

       I envisage a range of options for my signing body, such as bikini, blackpool, donkey etc.
Fishrat, Nov 22 2004


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