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3M Aftershave

An aftershave using the distinctive 3M adhesives fragrance
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Pretty simple really, possibly even "Quarterbakery":

Make an aftershave that uses the 3M adhesives fragrance as it's sole note.

Q: What's it smell like? A: Go find a roll of genuine 3M Scotch tape, peel it up and smell the adhesive.

This would be a cross-branding with the 3M and/or scotch logo on the bottle with the tartan device behind.

The initial release could come in two versions for day and night use. These could use the different red/green versions of the scotch tartan device and have twee office-centric names like "Office hours" and "After hours".

Later versions could use different colour backgrounds and names for versions mirroring traditional aftershave variants. Such-as a blue fresh/marine fragrance called something like "Offsite" and a black-labelled heavy-musk version called something like "Executive class".

Thankyou very much, you're beautiful!

rjfarquhar, Jan 01 2010


       "Doubt is an another word for *ignorance*."
I doubt that.
phoenix, Jan 01 2010

       21 Quest (#1) * I concede this is a possible code violation, but It's also a cross-branding exercise having 3M and the Scotch logo slapped on the bottle. I'll try to stick some more detail in and see if this sates. * Yes, I misspelled beautiful, but You misspelled "Flavour" :-P (yeah, just being parochial pedant)
rjfarquhar, Jan 08 2010

       Now I got a job, ladies.   

       3M aftershave:The smell of employment.
leinypoo13, Jan 08 2010

       I do love the smell of scotch tape but I'm not sure I'd want to smell it constantly for hours at a time. I do applaud your acknowledging scotch tape as a good smell though!
Joolin, Jan 09 2010

       [+] I nearly spit what I was drinking on the monitor when I saw this! LOL. I irony in this idea is that if you put it on the store shelves tomorrow, nobody would even notice how odd it would be for 3M to make a line of toiletries.
Jscotty, Jan 11 2010


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