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Aikido Cologne

Make bad - into good!
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Many perfumes are based on substances with odors that, taken alone, are quite objectionable. Examples include civet and ambergris. But give these bad smells the right company and they become a force for good, a principle which also applies to teams of superheroes.

Too often, people trying to correct their bad smell simply attempt to overpower it with some randomly chosen strong other smell, or soap. But why squander what may be a gift? The Aikido cologne takes that bad and uses it for good, coming together only after applying to the body. BUNGCO parfumiers started with people whom nature or chance have provided with an abundance of objectionable smell (example include body odor, cat pee, garlic, old chicken, ciggy smoke) and based on each smell, concocted a cologne comprised of the right smells to use the energy of those bad smells to drive a new smell that is good, or at least not so bad.

bungston, Mar 05 2009


       A sort of hi-Karate for the 21st Century, though shouldn't we be using yin to counteract yang, rather than getting a whole bunch of mucho-yang to overpower a lesser yangish instance?   

       Pong Shui!
zen_tom, Mar 05 2009

       [+]... send me a gallon please... quick.
FlyingToaster, Mar 05 2009

       genius! I'll take one "slightly sweaty after biking to work" and one "garlic-y cooking smells."
ryokan, Mar 06 2009


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