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3 whole croissants

Having the highest number of croissants ending two and in half drives my poor little OCD brain nuts
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Three whole fluffy croissants would be so beautiful - whole - pure.
gomer, Sep 16 2008

Worried about buns Existential_20Contract_20Lawyers
I hadn't predicted this kind of bun amplification when I signed on the dotted line. [theleopard, Oct 31 2008]


       Bone. 2.5 is ingrained in HB culture, it being half of the usual 5 used for ratings.
Spacecoyote, Sep 16 2008

       bun for being counter-culture
Voice, Sep 16 2008

       Would seem a shame to change it after all this time, but it bugs the hell out of me too.
wagster, Sep 16 2008

       Jutta once did a hallowe'en thing were certain ideas temporarily had 3 croissants - it was freaky looking at them!
phundug, Sep 16 2008

       no, no, n
xandram, Sep 16 2008

       oooooh, those 5-croissant ideas just look wrong
hippo, Oct 31 2008

       //just look wrong// Kind of spooky, if you will.
zen_tom, Oct 31 2008

       wow - some ideas have now got a whole shoal of fish to match... something's amiss methinks! Everything is swelling up!
xenzag, Oct 31 2008

       WHOOOooooooo..... ethereal croissant multiplication.   

       I'm liking the look of my top ideas - I'll have to put on some coffee to go with them croissants.
wagster, Oct 31 2008

david_scothern, Oct 31 2008

       Today has brought me teeteringly close to eternal damnation [jutta]. Can you give me a heads up if you're going to do this next year so I can delete some of my ideas?   

theleopard, Oct 31 2008

       Ooh, err! That was very confusing for a bit.
DrBob, Oct 31 2008


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