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Autoboner revisited

Because of so much crap
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I don't want to be negative about the halfbakery but really, lately I find a lot of ideas to be total crap. This is what I think this site is about;

1; You see a problem and have a solution, you post it

2; You don't really have a problem but you have a solution anyway and it's funny or good so you post it

3; You have some really good idea and you just don't feel like marketing it, or you can't or it's just not commercially viable, you post it.

4; You have some really stupid idea and you just need to get it of your chest and in the course of posting it, you entertain us all.

5; You have a song or poem you just need to post and you entertain us all. (not really halfbakery material but because of the talent presented here often allowed anyway)

6; You have some beuatifull thoughts to share, you post 'em!

7; You have some unfinished thought or INVENTION or IDEA and you present it and we can all make it work together through our annotations.

What this site is NOT about:

1; Just posting the first thing that pops up in your mind.

2; Posting for the sake of posting.

3; Posting for the sake of putting your frustrations into not-so-sharp-relief postings. (does that sentence make sence?)

4; Just dumping your crap ideas.

Lately I have not even taken the trouble to bone some ideas that I thought were really bad. (what's the point?) It takes to much time to read everything bad and then waiting for the bone to take effect, and my internet connection is pretty good. So I just can't be bothered most of the time.

I want: an option to automatically bone every idea unless I wish to bun. If you happen to like most postings, don't engage this option.

Yes, this is a rant of some sorts, sorry about that. Yet, if this option would exist, I would use it.

What are your thoughts on the quality if the postings here?

NB, I am well aware that my own ideas often get boned, so maybe it's just a matter of taste. But taste is the mother of discussion.

zeno, May 28 2005

(?) My personal all-time favorite Autoboner2
Evil link is disabled by the way [Susan, May 28 2005]


       Two words: Filter, and filter.
Two or maybe a few more words, like it or go play at another playground. Sorry so brash, but whining really sucks, and has nothing to do with the phantom boner.
Two more words, oops sorry, three, Evil Hand Dryer.

       Oh and I forgot the famous comment someone made to me, when I was complaining about the amount of ideas per day, leaping from one or two, to 30 or 40. "No one is forcing you to read any idea.".
blissmiss, May 28 2005

       Wow. That's famous?
bristolz, May 28 2005

       Coming from the source, yes.
blissmiss, May 28 2005

       What I see here is yet another relatively pointless post stating the obvious. Yes, there are a lot of vapid posts that seem to me to have been written just to fill the vacuum but adding yet more is even worse. Sorry, but that's what I think.
bristolz, May 28 2005

       Please don't post songs, poems, or "beautiful thoughts." It's a website for the discussion of poorly thought-out inventions. That means that if you don't have a poorly thought-out invention, you shouldn't post it here. I'm sure many websites about poems and beautiful thoughts are becoming hopelessly cluttered by people talking about mousetraps, and it is up to you, and you alone, to restore order to the universe.   

       And what bristolz said. In fact, I'd like an option to always say what bristolz said unless I don't.
jutta, May 28 2005

       Two words; ditto, and ...uh, the other word hasn't been invented yet.
blissmiss, May 28 2005

       It may be that some ideas don't get noticed that would otherwise be seen as interesting or useful due to other ideas being posted. However, i don't see how this can be avoided. Most of the time i would think people post ideas in good faith, apart from occasional trolls who just drift in and out. Why should anyone care anyway? I expect each time someone posts an idea they think it's good or deserves attention.
I would prefer an idea to be boned than ignored.
nineteenthly, May 28 2005

       Surely this is all simply common sense and will make no difference to the actions of the masses. Either way, I suspect that the great majority of users post ideas that they consider as good. Should they automatically get a fishbone unless you feel like voting for them. What of the ideas that you don't read? Should they be boned as well because you didn't feel like reading them?   

       An automatic voter would be useful in some ways though. I would personally quite like to automatically register dislike of all ideas with the phrase "pimp my" in the title.
hidden truths, May 28 2005

       I once thought that it was stupid to push so hard for population growth. More people surely does not equate to more cultural/social integrity. But, I thought about it some more.   

       More people equates to more chances for genius.   

       So does more ideas, no matter how bad they may be, as long as they follow the rules. Somewhat.
daseva, May 28 2005

       There do seem to have been quite a few 'bad science' ideas recently, I think. What annoys me more than having to read them once is that they are then stored for posterity, but that's probably all to the good.   

       Maybe the help file should have links to ideas that were considered particularly good/bad? Evil Hand Dryer springs to mind, obviously. I realize this means preserving a few mfd's, but it might help people if they had a few 'worked examples'?   

       edit: that should read 'a few more links to ideas' etc. Just read the help file for the first time in a while.
moomintroll, May 28 2005

       If an idea's science is beyond repair, mark it for deletion, and we'll leave the "storage for posterity" part to archive.org.
jutta, May 28 2005

       I mean for the option to take effect only after I read the idea. I do read all ideas, even if I am sometimes a week late in doing so. I like reading the ideas here. Even if I think it is crap, I do read it.   

       Take this idea for example. You boned it because you don't like it. Fair enough. But you did take the trouble to bone it because you wish to share your feelings about it. I sometimes have that. But sometimes I just can't be bothered. Hence the idea.
zeno, May 29 2005

       Doesn't crap float? I mean "duty", which is what we call our crap here, which, sometimes we also call our own crap. Duty, I mean.
blissmiss, May 30 2005

       ///More people equates to more chances for genius.///   

       Unfortunately, given the way things are arranged at HB (which I think is generally a good arrangement), more people actually means that there may be less opportunity for one to view genius ideas due to the increased crap output which will tend to push all older ideas down with the influx of newer, not necessarily genius ideas.   

       Even if a good idea gets anno'd a lot, eventually the discussion will wither and the idea will trickle down. And you can't count on anno's keeping a good idea up, or becoming a 'hallmark' of good ideas, because people anno the bad ones a lot, too.   

       Generally, I'm not in favor of auto-boning anything.
Soterios, May 30 2005

       As a tangent to the original topic, I just bought a book called "the Wisdom of Crowds", which might shed some light on the topic of //More people equates to more chances for genius.//   

       I have only read the introduction, but the general gist of it is, given certain parameters, large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant.
xaviergisz, May 30 2005

       So, aside from the ranting, the idea is for a curmudgeonlyness setting for all 'bakers. Either you are
(a) happy cheery fun happy person and you automatically croissant everything unless it makes you sad
(b) well balanced (or shy) enough to not want to force an opinion without first gathering all the facts
(c) a gnarly old curmudgeon who sits all day at his or her computer, grumbling and muttering about how everything is rubbish, secretly thankful for the "bone everything" account setting that lets the world know you think it stinks without having to actively go out and tell it so.

       No, thank you. I'd rather be ignored than suffer the negative ire or thoughtless positivity of someone who hasn't the time or the inclination to read and think about what it is that I have contributed.   

       zeno, perhaps snip all but //I want: an option to automatically bone every idea unless I wish to bun. If you happen to like most postings, don't engage this option// and your idea may receive a better hearing. Miring it in negative (and incorrect) rambling obfusticates your idea.
calum, May 30 2005

       [calum] you just said all that to obfussticate that you are the (c) specimen. : P
dentworth, May 30 2005

       [xaviergisz], I have this little theory, or hypothesis, or saying: a chain is only as strong as the weakest link and crowd is only as smart as the dummest person in it.
zeno, May 30 2005

       [Calum], you made me reach for the dicitonary, thanks.
zeno, May 30 2005

       Well stated as always, mistah fishah.
waugsqueke, May 30 2005

       ...a word particular to the peculiar.
bristolz, May 31 2005

       A consequence of this idea would be for users who end up on many filter lists would automatically get boned.
RayfordSteele, May 31 2005

       In a way, any idea is good if it is heavily discussed, even if it is buried in fishbones or gets few votes. That's why this idea is usefull (even if its bad) because it inspires discussion. A hidden value for amount of discussion (shows when mouseover title) would be great.   

       My method of descrimination at this point is <+> if it is plausable and interesting enough for me to read the whole thing and I would like to be in on it if it was baked; <-> if, within the first half minute or so of reading, it seems impossible, universally boring/petty or I wouldn't want it invented. Which leaves <neutral> if it is confusing or uninteresting to me but seems like it might be worthwhile to other bakers. A low vote is its self useful because it can tell the inventor that they need to work harder on a concise description, realism and/or topical value. Because I see value in the neutral vote I would have to give this idea a <->.   

       As an aside, it would be useful to be able to try out some alternate/optional filing methods that would have to be tagged by the baker to be accessed that fit the personality/preference of the reader. For instance...   

       Writing Emphasis: Funstuff, Aesthetic, Technical; Brainstorming.   

       Purpose: Streamlining, Punative, Reward, Joke, Outrageous, Entertainment.
Whirligig, May 05 2006


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