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4-Course Sandwich

A handheld fine dining experience
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The original idea of the sandwich was to produce a meal which could be consumed tidily without utensils, perhaps while engaged in some other activity. But why sacrifice quality? Why not take the original concept to its logical conclusion and put an n-course meal on a sandwich? Exploit the spatially linear form of a submarine sandwich to mimic the temporally linear form of a multi-course meal. The sandwich becomes biased along its length, with one end clearly indicated as the starting end, which contains ingredients evocative of a soup course. As you eat along the sandwich, the soup ingredients give way to salad, and then to meat, and finally to dessert. Obviously, planning the dishes to compliment one another is important here, even moreso than in a traditional multi-course meal. Even if the idea doesn't catch on in the long term, it could be exploited for novelty value.
iamanangelchaser, Dec 05 2006


       I suppose if you wanted to start with dessert first, you can just turn the sandwich around. I like this, mainly because I love eating bread. Okay, now my mouth is watering.
twitch, Dec 05 2006

       Literally baked.   

       Or not, if I'm wrong.   

       In ye olden dayes in merrie Engerland, didn't they used to have Cornish pastie type affairs with savoury turnips and gruel at one end and a delicious puddingy confection of sugared hen's beaks or summink at the other?   

       I seem to remember reading a Thomas Hardy novel in which such a culinary catastrophe was scoffed by poor folks in the fields at lunchtime (about 10 in the morning - they had breakfast at 11:30 the night before, just before they got up, to go to work for the next four years without a break, in the best Monty Python style).   

       Should I lay off the mushrooms?
Murdoch, Dec 05 2006

       After four sandwich courses, you're generally prepared for industrial placement.
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 05 2006

       When I eat alone, I usually turn all my meals into sandwiches of sorts, including some pasta dishes, and some creamier soups (saves me the trouble of washing plates, and is much easier to eat in front of a computer). Making a four-course lunch into a sandwich is an intriguing idea. [+]
Veho, Dec 05 2006

       I have a similar idea. I have decided that at some point in my life I am going to eat everything for an entire year on a pizza. A flatbread is the perfect platform for all foods. [+] A pastry sandwich for you!
MoreCowbell, Dec 05 2006

       Dagwood Bumstead, anyone?
gnomethang, Dec 05 2006

       Reminds me of Willy Wonka and the stick of chewing gum that is really a 3 course dinner... But they all end up as blueberries in the end :(.
javajean, Dec 06 2006

       If it comes with a selection of fine wines then I'm in.
shinobi, Dec 06 2006

       Positioning yourself on a pizza while eating things is indeed an interesting concept. Let us know how you get on, re: the whole year.
Texticle, Dec 06 2006

       No, the chewing gum was still in exparimental stage, and one of the bugs yet to be worked out was the "turning people into blueberries" bit.
Veho, Dec 07 2006


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