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Crust Cutter

Never again will you spend more than two seconds cutting off your crust.
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Need to make sandwiches in a hurry for Timmy's little league game? Or are you just lazy? I propose a blade in the shape of a square, that works similar to an apple slicer. Press it down on the slice(s) of bread to remove the crust. It would also be available with a diagonal blade through the middle for quick triangle-shaped sandwiches.
foulplay, Feb 25 2004

CrustAway.com http://www.crustaway.com
CrustAway™ Bread Crust Cutter [crustaway, Mar 12 2005]


       its called a knife - quite baked really!
po, Feb 25 2004

       Since you mentioned it to be a dull blade, it seems that it would mash and deform the bread rather than effectively cut off the crust.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 25 2004

       Sandwich Guillotines?
silverstormer, Feb 25 2004

       This item is already patented and available at: http://www.crustaway.com   

       The Bread Crust Cutter is a wonderful item. Sorely needed in the kitchen of every American Family who's children dislike sliced bread crust or peelings as they sometimes call them.   

       It's debatable how more nutritious crust may be, since it's the same exact ingredients that are inside. Bread, is not a fruit, and the crust is just dough cooked darker and tougher.   

       The tougher part is what children dislike. They love the soft, spongy bread in the center and parents go through a chore all over the globe every day, several times to rip, cut, and slice the offending crust every time the kids want a pb&j, or a grilled cheese.   

       The soft bread and sandwiches are ideal for people with mouth surgery or on soft diets and post-op patients. Elderly folks with dentures and no dentures, love them too!   

       That's why a kid in Kansas by the name of S. Teel Short, invented, patented and manufactured the CrustAway™ in Aug of 2003 at the age of 12.   

       This wonderful product has some slight competition out there, however, none of the others even comes close to the simplicity, elegance and beauty of this very well designed product.   

       The CrustAway™ is manufactured in the United States with very skillful workers that are not underpaid, bribed, polluted and cheapened chinese or hindu labor. This cheapness shows in the quality of the plastic extrusions coming from overseas and only goodness knows what kind of dangerous chemicals are they using in their products to save another penny for the members of the board. The CrustAway™ is made of food standard safety odorless plastic, dishwasher safe, and   

       The CrustAway can remove the crust from a stack of 3 sandwiches with practically no deformation, it's dishwasher safe and the edge is not sharp enough to harm little hands.   

       The leftover crust pieces with a little bread and some filling on them, never get very far either, Mom and Dad usually chomp them down before it can be used to make bread pudding, feeding birds, etc.   

       Visit http://www.crustaway.com and get one for your kids today!
crustaway, Mar 12 2005


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