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4d cinema inside elevator

enjoy the ride!
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The walls, floor and roof of the elevator acts as the screen projecting Jurassic park simulation.

The spring, pulley and other hardware that exist to operate elevator can be mechanically adjusted to give real time jerks, shakes, sudden short drops etc

And all these while we are inside elevator wearing a 3d glass and watching simulation of riding a jeep/flying a helicopter in Jurassic park.

ravi kris334, Sep 03 2013

Time as a fourth dimension may be obsolete. http://phys.org/new...imension-space.html
[spidermother, Sep 04 2013]


       So the partial 'weightless' sensation from a rising elevator is your so-called fourth dimension? I just want to clear up any confusion with Time, which is what most people think of as the fourth dimension.
Alterother, Sep 03 2013

       Ooh, ooh, I vote for smell as being the 4th dimension in an elevator. Dinosaur parks, zoos and whatnot would easily be quite believable.
AusCan531, Sep 03 2013

       Alterother - yes there are some theories which says 4th dimension refers to time...but here the reference is to 'feel able' motion
ravi kris334, Sep 04 2013

       motion is still 3-D
Voice, Sep 04 2013

       I'm also not convinced that 4d is appropriate. (But then, I don't accept 3D as properly describing the popular glasses-requiring cinematography technique; the correct term is stereoscopic.)   

       If not smell, maybe Fear could be the fourth dimension.
spidermother, Sep 04 2013

       // there are some theories which says 4th dimension refers to time... //   

       Yes, such as the Theory of General Relativity.
Alterother, Sep 04 2013

       [Alterother] That is being questioned (Link).
spidermother, Sep 04 2013

       Bun for an amazing idea and frustration that you can't bun annos.   

       //Ooh, ooh, I vote for smell as being the 4th dimension in an elevator.// is quite simply my favorite anno of all time.   

       Here's how to use this concept for zany hijinks. Walk into an elevator and instead of turning around and facing the front, face the back. (An old standup comedian gag) Then when everybody gets uncomfortable turn to them and say "You know, on an elevator, smell is the 4th dimension."   

       Anyway, really really great idea. [+]
doctorremulac3, Sep 04 2013

       // [Alterother] That is being questioned //   

       Interesting. I remain stolidly unconvinced.
Alterother, Sep 04 2013


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