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75-day pre-election legislative blackout

Forbid legislators from passing new legislation 75 days before an election
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Since U.S. legislators have decided to grant themselves a 60-day "safe time" before elections during which, with the exception of recognized media outlets, corporations (including Common Cause, Gun Owner's of America, the AARP, etc.) are forbidden from telling the public what they're up to, it seems only fair that they finish all their activities far enough before the free speech blackout kicks in to insure that the public can be well informed about them. Otherwise legislators would be free to pass stealth legislation and if the media didn't care even groups that found out about the legislation wouldn't be allowed to spread the word.

Even if it weren't for the CFR abomination, a blackout period before elections would probably still be a good idea, since politicians sometimes cram through legislation that the public doesn't find out about until after the election.

supercat, Jan 05 2004

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       Hah! ++ Divine democracy devaining dominion!
Tiger Lily, Jan 05 2004

       How long is the legislative session, though? We already pay these guys too much.
theircompetitor, Jan 05 2004

       Shouldn't be any difference. Just have the time docked from the legislators' potty breaks.
Tiger Lily, Jan 05 2004


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