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public: politics: politician
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 (+3, -1)  A Face Of History 
 (+1)  anti-gropenator spray 
 (+3, -1)  Ask Robots To Take Over The World 
 (+2, -8)(+2, -8)  Dead Politicians 
 (+6, -1)  Fantasy Historical Cabinet 
 (-1)  George W's Axis of Evil 
   In This Bleak Midwinter 
   Joke politicians 
 (+13, -2)(+13, -2)  logoed politicians 
 (+1)  Mobius Loop Administration Association 
 (+2)  Model President 
 (+6, -8)  Optimus Prime for President 
   Pay per not view current politician, good for 4 years 
 (+1, -3)  political exchange 
   Political Kickboxing 
   Political PT Rally 
 (-1)  Politician Accountability Day 
 (+3, -7)  Punch Out 
 (+10, -1)(+10, -1)  Record Politicians' Missions 
 (+2, -12)(+2, -12)  Secretary of Murder 
 (+1)  Shadow Puppet Presidential Address 
 (+5)  Smear Campaign Ratings 
 (-1)  Status mirror 
   Timeshare Congressman 
 (+1)  Trent Lott Nipple Rings 
 (+1)  Trump/May exchange 


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