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Anti-Kneejerk Act

Phrase and idea originally proposed by No_big_whoop in reddit
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I found a very interesting half baked idea by a redditor in response to new harsh privacy invading laws after the Paris tragedy

> If they want to make a new law they should make one that says no new laws are allowed to be made immediately following a national tragedy.

This would give the media the time to recover their posture and provide proper critical look at laws that are usually ramroaded during these kinds of periods.

mofosyne, Nov 17 2015

original comment by No_big_whoop https://www.reddit....tempting_to/cx3rujm
[mofosyne, Nov 17 2015]


       A nother option would be to pass a law saying that new laws can only be enacted after a 9 month delay.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2015

       //no new laws are allowed to be made immediately following a national tragedy//   

       So instead we should spend that time debating the meaning of the word "immediately"?
Wrongfellow, Nov 22 2015

       Shirley this just a hardware fix. Simply applying two electrodes to politico's lower legs and applying a modest current somehow geared to the news?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 22 2015

       [+] ... although you do realize that we should probably wait a few months before enacting the "anti-kneejerk act" to follow the spirit of this new legislation.
ixnaum, Nov 23 2015

       Darn, I thought a loophole had been found to the Patellar reflex.
wjt, Nov 23 2015

       The crisis is ever the friend of the state.
21 Quest, Nov 23 2015

       A mere Law wouldn't be good enough, because the same knee-jerk reaction that might pass a bad law could also overturn a simple anti-kneejerk Law. This Idea needs to be at the level of a Constitutional-Amendment in its effectiveness.
Vernon, Nov 24 2015


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