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7' High Definition TV

Mirrors Serving as TV Screen
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OK - We have flat screens and HDTV. Why can't we make a three panel screen that doubles as the sliding door mirrors for my closet? I want it all - not 60", or 72" but 7' by 10' (or more) of full-on HDTV built into my home. I would think the doors could have plugs that connected when closed to allow this and one end could tap a tweaked wall plug and cable connection. The viewing area should be adjustable to suit the actual situation. The foot of my bed would hide the lower portion for example. The picture area may be more complicated but in higher-end, larger homes (unlike mine), it wouldn't matter anyhow. I want the panel frames seamless as well.
Mauidudi, Dec 06 2003

80 Inch HDTV Projector http://www.hdtvsonl..._hdtv_monitors.html
closer [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]

61 Inch Monitor http://www.plasma-t...neer_PDP_610MX.html
closer [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]


       Try and find a better place to put this idea mate. Not Other General.
Why not just get a video projecter.
sufc, Dec 06 2003

       The title could be a little more descriptive.
neelandan, Dec 06 2003

       This one's twice as descriptive as his last title.   

       [Mauidudi] You may want to note that "7' High Definition TV" is more appropriate for a title itself than it is for a description of your title. You also may want to note that you can easily change this, as well as the category (in here, the other:[general] category is used as a laziness detector) by altering what you have written below.
Overpanic, Dec 06 2003

       Thanks for the tips Neelandan & Overpanic. I'll learn my way around before further posts.
Mauidudi, Dec 06 2003

       my only problem with this is the fact of how are yo going to get a tv this big into your home post a respond to this so i can decide if i like this or not. another thing is lets think reasonable about this fo a second if you have pannels there will be seams.
bobbyboy, Dec 06 2003

       Why stop at seven feet? You don't want a full wall?   

       As seen in "Minority Report."
waugsqueke, Dec 06 2003


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