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HD is the new SD

It's all relative
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HD, or high definition, is so called because it's higher definition than what we had (SD)
Now that we have HD, shouldn't we call that SD and thus leave room for whatever comes next to be called HD.
If you haven't upgraded yet, then you have LD.
MikeOliver, Oct 19 2009


       Hell no, we've barely started. Next will be ultra high definition, then super-ultra, then ultra ultra. But like all naming schemes, not appropriate for the bakery.
ldischler, Oct 19 2009

       This is not a naming scheme, that's already been decided upon!
At best this is a more appropriate application of the scheme... At worst it's an 'On the brink of sleep' post that I may regret in the morning.
MikeOliver, Oct 19 2009

       Just name by resolution, like computer monitors do. Or, as the ratio of pixels to average number of photoreceptors in a human eye.
sninctown, Oct 19 2009

       All new technologies should be named according to the price increment at time of release, e.g. if a new HD LED TV costs around ten times that of a the standard CRT TV when released to market, then it would be called "10 times more expensive than usual TV"
vincevincevince, Oct 20 2009

       HD already refers to at least four standards. Just call them what they are. If it's 720p - call it that.
wagster, Oct 20 2009

       super-ultra ultra eXtreme!
pocmloc, Oct 20 2009

       This may be an advocacy idea...
ye_river_xiv, Oct 20 2009

       Perhaps, to make this more of an idea, my brand new HD TV could have a sticker printed with some kind of decaying ink.
Over a predictable period of time, the sticker can fade so it changes from HD to SD to LD as new technology is released.
MikeOliver, Oct 20 2009

       //Perhaps, to make this more of an idea//   

       I like a man who's prepared to stand by his idea, even if he knows it's not up to much.
wagster, Oct 20 2009

       I'm not standing by anything. The idea is out and on its own now.
I just added something that hadn't occurred at the time!
MikeOliver, Oct 20 2009

       [+] for fading stickers
RattyBunyip, Oct 20 2009

       [pomloc] - SUXD?
CaptainClapper, Oct 20 2009


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