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AI Power tractor with slip diff Idea

Boston Dynamics robot scaled to a horse size for better farming.
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Technology has made it quite to natures designer level quite yet. see Link (impetus). Boston Dynamics could scale up there robots to pull a sulky, which would be quite exciting for the driver.

Farms could use a smaller, go anywhere tractor like engine that could pull a skidded, tracked or low pressure wheeled farm implement. This could open up niche bush or mountainous areas to farming that doesn't need vast carparks of flat made before hand.

"Whoa tinny, that's a good cog."

wjt, Sep 03 2019

Intelligent use of power. https://twitter.com...%3D%3D&refsrc=email
A car gets pulled from a sticky situation by h.p. of a higher level. [wjt, Sep 03 2019]




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