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report bad parking app

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An camera based app which allows citizens to report parking infractions to the city.

the bad parker gets fined. and perhaps the good citizen could get a "bounty" for reporting such as. $1 off their months insurance.

bob, Sep 29 2016

The better Idea https://xkcd.com/562/
At the HalfBakery, sometimes the more radical the Idea, the better it is received. [Vernon, Sep 29 2016]


       I'd be broke in a week.
blissmiss, Sep 29 2016

       Yeah, I like this kind of thing, but I figured out the fatal flaw in it a while back.   

       Often some clown does a terrible job of parking, and then a person or persons on either side of him are compelled to do some creative parking in order to compensate.   

       Then the clown comes back, gets in their car and drives away. Along come the next parker, and all they see is the victim(s) of the original parking job, but now they appear to be the offenders.   

       Hey, isn't there an old piece of slang called " nosy parker " ?   

       I love the linked approach ...
normzone, Sep 30 2016


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