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AI assisted apes

If one million apes were pounding etc. ...they would produce the internet
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Get the AI to understand what apes wish, and let the apes adapt so they use it for whatever they want, interacting with the AI ape in a way natural to them.

Will the apes begin communicating at some stage with us, using the human voice by interacting with a machine, the way little kids get a sound out of pressing a toy phone button? Will they learn to use words through some sort of translation?

This is not making the monkeys pass tests and getting the food by pushing the correct button. Its about giving the monkeys a tool they learn to use to communicate with us or with each other.

And just a side question: Did anyone ever think about how to get monkeys to understand an abstract idea and then use it further?

Last question: Have there been experiments testing communication between cooperating animals in a way that forces them to expose what they are communicating and how deeply abstracted the communication is?

pashute, Aug 27 2023

Language without abstraction https://www.youtube...watch?v=TAGjuRwx_Y8
[pashute, Aug 27 2023]

because they have a very complex communication system https://www.youtube...watch?v=NBFBbFcixRY
...based on non-verbal communication [pashute, Aug 27 2023]


       Planet Of The Aipes:   


       Apes can be taught sign language. AI already knows sign language. If many of apes were taught to communicate with each other in this way then they would teach their offspring and it would spread like a meme.   

       That's because it would be a meme.
Voice, Aug 28 2023

       ...as are we.   

       I am not a meme! Wait, I guess the concept of a particular person is a meme.
Voice, Aug 29 2023

       Every single aspect of human society is a meme perpetuated until the root of the meme has been forgotten yet persists. We are the species that forgets.   

       ...and then fakes it.   

       I guess there's no evading it. Mother nature is a cold, hard bitch.
Voice, Aug 29 2023

       Suffering is as suffering does.   

       Aesop's fox, looking up at the grapes, was a Buddhist.
Voice, Aug 29 2023

       I have no idea what you are talking about... I'll be right back.   


       why would the fox want grapes in the first place?   


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