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AI Adoption

A new job - bringing up an AI
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The news that a computer, codenamed "HAL", is being taught as part of a 10 year programme to create an AI with some depth gives us the possibility of a new job.

The AI Adoptive Parent gets to nurture their AI and teach it so when it grows up it can be a productive Artifical Intelligence. Obviously teaching it important lessons such as you should always open pod bay doors for human would be pretty critical. If such a system works them they would probably even develop artifical political views too, based on the worldviews of their parent(s).

The computer carer would be paid royalties to reflect their work as it gets used for various applications or paid a standard salary while he or she is bringing up the AI.

Aristotle, Aug 21 2001

Educating HAL http://www.beyond20..._01/story_1046.html
A lighter introduction to HAL's education. [Aristotle, Aug 21 2001]

'Adopt a Golem' http://www.angelfir...iz2/Segs/golem.html
(It seems to be about Pokemon though.) [angel, Aug 21 2001]

Roderick http://www.google.c...rick+sladek&spell=1
Some links to Sladek in general... The book itself is out of print at the moment, unfortunately [Guy Fox, Aug 21 2001]

Surprised nobody's mentioned the blatantly obvious... http://us.imdb.com/Title?0212720
[StarChaser, Aug 21 2001]


       Mine is going through the Terrible Twos
thumbwax, Aug 21 2001

       parent or teacher?
technobadger, Aug 21 2001

       My Golem died.
The Military, Aug 21 2001

       I joined this site to help bring up the PeterSealy bot.
Monkfish, Aug 21 2001

       Every time I see "AI," I think it says "AL." It's driving me nuts

thumbwax- Mine's getting it's first BlueTooth.
AfroAssault, Aug 22 2001

       I'm so proud.
Monkfish, Aug 22 2001

       technobadger: To get experiences as rich as a human it would probably need people to play such roles as parent, teacher and a whole lot more. The bizarre thing is that most successful AI could be copied, possibly causing a whole lot of Intelligent Computers to think of just a few people as their parents.
Aristotle, Aug 22 2001

       This is about three-quarters baked in the book 'Roderick' by John Sladek, an SF satire where the title character is a robot raised as a child (and a highly recommended read for anyone that hasn't come across it, BTW - I'll provide a link presently, if I can track it down). One really nice joke has the child robot saying "Jes" rather than "Yes" due to a small speech impediment (if I remember right he gets dropped on his head); the researcher/parents assume he means "chess" and force him to play a game he finds completely baffling. His ineptitude at it means that the experiment is *obviously* a failure.
Guy Fox, Aug 22 2001

       Why not? Couldn't be worse than bringing up your typical barnyard teenager...
Oolahboolah, Nov 11 2001


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