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AI recipe generator app II

Watch cooks and make recipes with them
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A dash of this and a sprinkle of that. A good cook has the experience to change timing, temperature, ingredients and ingredient quantities based on the age and brand of spices, the humidity in the air, and so forth but until now this wisdom has been impossible to capture. And substitutions made by an experienced cook could be a treasure trove of useful information. Recipes are only half the battle.

A camera would be set up to record the actions of many experienced cooks. Alongside this the ingredients they're using would be recorded in detail. (This basil is 100 days old and came from Huaral, Peru where is was grown in soil attributes 2FFA1. Sunlight 56% in phase 1, 58% in phase 2, 58% in phase 3. Gene version 11C9F00) The precise quantities, temperatures, timing, and any other relevant information would be recorded by this program, which would chew on the output and discover universal truths about how to modify the modifiable things to make food better. It could also output precise recipes without the cook having to measure and record his actions.

Voice, Oct 12 2019


       I dunno... cooking is art and AI doesn't have taste buds. The best chefs taste everything as they go. That's why you don't trust the skinny ones.   


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