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India Pale Ale nonono International Phonetical Alphabet Adapted So Can Insist on Idiomatically limited character set
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"How do you pronounce "bakery""? Well its very hard to answer that by typing, "I prnounce it "bakery" myself... hmm.. I say "ey"... but how does that sound? etc.

IPA is loverleyy but needs lots of squiggly characters which are not supported on the Halfbakery (and therefore by definition are useless and should be deleted from the interwebs)

Proposed is to re-code the IPA so that each sound or phoneme is represented by a capital letter followed by as many small letters as required. Full stops and commas can be used for other stuff.

pocmloc, Feb 21 2022


       I've had to memorize the IPA and can't remember a thing about it. I don't even believe that its symbology could be universal. I can read your hand waving in this description, as if at someone drowning, but what little air you've offered is still closer to swimming.
4and20, Feb 21 2022


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