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ATM handshake 2

Hey, wassup?
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The ATM has a hole into which you put your arm. Inside you need to do the secret handshake to get your money out.
Ling, Jun 04 2012

My shameless echo starts with this ATM_20handshake
Credit where credit is due [Ling, Jun 04 2012]


       Heath Robinson with a hint of technology; perfect.
Phrontistery, Jun 04 2012

       Now that's more like it. [+]
not_morrison_rm, Jun 04 2012

       Wow. I guess that secret arms inside the ATM would be cleaned each time, and depending on the customer's gender (recognized through camera), the ATM would give the hand that feels like a female's hand or a male's hand... A downside is, unlike 'Credit Password,' you'd need this hi-tech hand that's present only in special places, such as the ATMs.
Inyuki, Jun 04 2012

       "the ATM would give the hand that feels like a female's hand "   

       You'd get pervs putting something other than their arm in there ;-)
normzone, Jun 04 2012

       Excellent idea. [+] //Inside you need to do the secret handshake to get your money out.// ....or else your arm is cut off! (comes with set pictures on adjacent walls of stumps, to act as a warning)
xenzag, Jun 04 2012

       <Liberian Accent>
"You want long sleeves or short sleeves?"
UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012

       [xenzag], how about the human error? (beware: your own hand could be cutten off, if you err...)
Inyuki, Jun 04 2012

       No reason why there shouldn't be the novelty hand option, gorilla hand, dog paw, Cthulhu tentacle that kind of thing..
not_morrison_rm, Jun 05 2012

       I had my bare foot felt up by an octopus once, in La Jolla Cove. I hope it didn't transfer too much funds.
normzone, Jun 05 2012

       //I had my bare foot felt up by an octopus once, in La Jolla Cove   

       Would you be able to identify the perpetrator in a line up?   

       You could do this the sort of the other way around, and have some kind "identify the shape you specified when signing up" and you'd be authorised. It could be geometric shapes, animals, mountains, vintage car hubcaps, body parts of celebrities, done pneumatically. That kind of thing.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 05 2012

       //body parts of celebrities//   

       Oh good. Does that mean we can kill a few celebrities, to use their body parts in ATMs? That would be a good use of most reality TV stars and fools like the gaggle of drug-happy celebrity girls in California.
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012

       I wasn't really going for the Charlie Manson ATM....
not_morrison_rm, Jun 05 2012

       Bank with Helter-Skelter!
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012

       "Popularity at the Freemasons bank dropped when someone guessed the obviously popular secret handshake that the clientele had unfortunately adopted"
Ling, Jun 06 2012

       Could we also have a hole to insert ones foot, for over elaborate handshakes. Think Kid N' Play.
S-note, Jun 06 2012

       [+]....but...if the ATM keeps your card, can you get your arm back out??
xandram, Jun 06 2012

       I used their ATM. It cost me an arm and a leg, I tell you.
UnaBubba, Jun 06 2012

       Bit of overkill that. It's digital... just give it the finger.   

       Don't want to even think about the analog...
UnaBubba, Jun 06 2012

       Don't they already have something like this in men's public bathroom stalls? I assume secret handshakes are what that hole is for.
doctorremulac3, Jun 06 2012

       Different toilets to the ones I use, [dr].
UnaBubba, Jun 07 2012


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