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A 4S Time in Everyone

A Sanitarium Should Spend Some Time in Everyone.
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[Probably Misguided Opinion] A personal suspicion of mine is that many people of our modern era suffer from sundry 'mental issues' due to the inability to confront and cope with their difficulties. [Probably Misguided Opinion]

For the individuals willing to search within themselves and work on individualized coping mechanisms, a product line should be made to assist these folks in creating a pastiche of imagery to construct an imaginary sanitarium.

For example, a line of magazines could be produced monthly, which have simple and brief exercises that teach methods of self-centering and finding an internal ground state. The rest of the magazine would consist of various images intended to provide a vehicle for cathartic visualisation. Within each publication would be a set of instructions for creating a collage of particularly meaningful images, which an individual would piece together and use for assistance in transportation to the inner asylum, i.e. focusing upon the symbolic matrix to induce a calming feeling. These collages could be emplaced upon a folding plastic frame, so that they might be safely transported and viewed whenever an individual feels a need to spend some time in their specialized sanitarium.

Whenever the need arises to enter the inner asylum, a cap could be worn with the message, 'Please maintain a respectful distance while I reside in my sanitarium. Do Not Disturb.' emblazoned on the forefront and backside.

idyll, Apr 10 2003

A quirky page of composed catharsis. http://innerasylum.tripod.com/
An externalized collage of one person's asylum. [idyll, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       [Rods_Tiger]: The magazine aspect of this idea seems better suited to a non-profit organization's efforts, rather than profiteering sharks who predate on people's weaknesses. Good point.
idyll, Apr 10 2003


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