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Brain Strop

Useful for Friday afternoon meetings.
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Used to sharpen dull wits and put a keen edge on intellect.

A long, smooth strip of oiled leather - just apply vigorously to the brain, using the correct wrist action.

Essential for those rare occasions when you've been to the pub for a long, boozy lunch and then a very important client suddenly wants a conference call ....

8th of 7, Mar 11 2011


       Very excellent. Can imagine boardroom alpha males engaging in American Psycho posturing over the make and finish of various brain strops, only for hushed silence to fall when the senior partner brings out his Lochgelly.
calum, Mar 11 2011

       //when you've been to the pub for a long, boozy lunch//   

       My, and a few privileged friends's Brain strop is a couple bags-o-Ringer's Lactate when such situations arise.   

       The sobering effect usually leads to a second wind of partying, however.
MikeD, Mar 11 2011


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