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A Bicyrcle

Made for two.
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Instead of a traditional frame this is circular, with two handlebars/saddles mounted facing in opposite directions and six wheels; each of which is randomly operated by the pedals through switchgears.

You'll get nowhere fast on one but it's all about the journey.

Nelipot, Mar 24 2010

Conference Bicycle http://maisonbisson...he-conference-bike/
Similar but non random [Aristotle, Mar 24 2010]


       self-powered merry-go-round?
pertinax, Mar 24 2010

       Given that the powered wheel switches, I think this ends up being more like a teacup ride than a merry go round. The tendency will be to run in a circle, but not always. Especially if the wheels run in either direction at random.
MechE, Mar 24 2010

       Have you not heard of the Conference Bicycle? [see link]   

       It looks like it would work like the idea described above but all the cyclists cooperate on the pedalling and one person steers.
Aristotle, Mar 24 2010


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