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insty tandem

Istant tandem bicycle
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I connected two mountain bikes together, by removing the front wheel on the rear bike. It was tricky for the rear rider, because of the articulation, of the rear bike fork. It was cool. Maybe I'll make another someday. I have pictures somewhere.
chipperbuilt, Dec 13 2007

A patent for this idea http://www.patentst...5522610-claims.html
Couldn't find a commercially available unit, but they're out there, somewhere... [neutrinos_shadow, Dec 13 2007]


       why stop at 3 wheels?
po, Dec 13 2007

       If you did this whilst listening to "Jack the Knife", then all the more Kudos to you.
4whom, Dec 13 2007

       You can buy a pair of small links that do exactly this - they attach to the rear axle of the front bike, and the front forks of the rear bike (front wheel removed, of course) are attached to the other end, providing a bit of pivotal freedom for the rear bike. I can't find a link to a commercial version, but there are a number of hits to patent websites; I've added one (linky).
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 13 2007

       Kettwiesel recumbent trikes are designed to do this. In their case, there's no reason to stop with just the two seats; one can continue ad infinitum (although then cycling would be like a game of Snake; you'd only get one shot at picking the right exit at a roundabout).
david_scothern, Dec 19 2007

       I'm bunning it just because he did it.
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2011


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