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A Flock of Keys

Keys that make the sound of birds
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I have loads of keys, that I can't tell apart, even with the use of those little colour coded sleeves that slip over the end of them. Bird Song Keys are my saviour.

Each key makes the sound of a different bird when released on the end of its retracting leash and twirled around your head like a lassoo. This is possible, because the keys have all been fitted with a tiny reed warbler, tuned to make individual bird sounds...

Hooded crow - that must be the office. Magpie - that will be my studio full of harvested junk. Nightingale - I'm home at last.

xenzag, May 16 2007


       They're chirpy.
xenzag, May 16 2007

       "Ah, - Mute Swan - this must be the key to my anechoic chamber"
hippo, May 16 2007

       How do you train a reed warbler to make the sounds of other birds? You'd need a minah or starling or similar, shirley?
coprocephalous, May 16 2007

theleopard, May 16 2007

       (+) I wonder about swinging all of the keys at the same time.   

       <sp> Lasso   

       The second paragraph reads like one of those computer programs where each word is chosen based on the previous word using a probability table.
phundug, May 17 2007

       Don't be afraid to try the "chicken" key.
phundug, May 17 2007

       Much better than a Cock of Fleas...
wagster, May 17 2007


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