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Bluetooth Key and Credit Card

Use a wireless credit card to access everything.
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Use a *strong encrypted, public key* bluetooth credit card to make purchases and withdrawls, act as online verification, and serve as a wireless key for auto, home, work, locks, voting, cellphone use, verification of identity prior to spousal intercourse, or anything else. Public/private key system is globally voidable if lost. Keeps track of money spent in any one shopping spree, number of calories just purchased, automatically exchange names and addresses, tell you who is around through walls, block acquaintances, etc. Card has little or no display, but is easily accessable with inexpensive public or portable viewer terminals.
Autonome, Oct 21 2002

Bluetooth Credit Card Adaptor http://www.mobilemp....asp?IDProdotto=344
Its the first thing Google finds (its not in English I'm afraid). Looks kind of close to what you suggest. [Jinbish, Oct 21 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Bluetooth Credit Card Transactions http://www.wireless...erl/story/6781.html
Similar, this time in English - for the less well cultured bakers (like me). [Jinbish, Oct 21 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

More insidious Bluetooth http://fargo.itp.tsoa.nyu.edu/~cl520/pan/
Once more, kind of the same lines. [Jinbish, Oct 21 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Hasn't Bluetooth already been proposed to do all of these things and more?   

       Like an automatic fishbone dispenser?
(Don't worry...I won't f'bone this - but I know some that might)
Jinbish, Oct 21 2002

       [Jinbish ] Yes, but not all of these functions simultaneously, and not for locks via a global key system. The bluetooth "creditcard adapter" (link) is only a simple bluetooth interface and does not relate to this idea.
Autonome, Oct 21 2002

       I'm sure I read somewhere that the bluetooth security model was only "secure" because of the *type* of data it was expected to transmit, i.e. though people could transmit credit card type info (and many people have suggested this) it was never designed to do so: it is not a high security solution. There are lots of potential holes : data is not signed by the sender, freshness of messages are not guaranteed, you can't assume a reply from on claimant is only associated with the current communication pair, the device address is public (and if its you credit card, you've effectively posted your credit card number - or potential access to the number - as available to all other bluetooth devices) and many others.

I'll shuffle off and try to find the article I read about this some time ago
namaste, Oct 21 2002

       [Autonome]: Yeah, fair enough - not the best of links I know. I'm not crying 'Baked!' just yet but there a loads of suggestions for personal bluetooth use.   

       (link added:Generally come under heading PAN - personal area network)
Jinbish, Oct 21 2002

       Better done with RFID?
BinaryCookies, Oct 21 2002

       I've seen variations on this in a number of SF stories. I have problems with having an every-key/code-card, it's too easy to lose or steal . I know far too many people who have locked themselves out of their car/house/room to make me think that giving people a way to be completely locked out of Everything is a good idea. If it is stolen, then the thief may, assuming they beak the access to the card, have until you notice it's missing to completely screw your life up for profit/kicks. I realise you don't have to abandon the other key/code access methods but then you're adding yet another card to the pile.
CrumbsDM, Oct 22 2002

       This creeps me out... it's very "Big Brother" I don't want all that info all together in an easy to access format. And what about hackers getting in and changing all your info, like say making your profile match that of some wanted killer? No thanks!   

       Heck why not go to the computer chip in the head idea... at least you wouldn't loose that.
Aurora, Oct 24 2002


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